Monday, April 18, 2011

Tuna Steaks

Love them! I have found my most favorite way to have tuna salad. Find a nice tuna steak at your local seafood shop or grocer......I prefer one that has a peppery coating on the sides of the steak....and then throw that baby on the grill! When cooked to perfection, a cooled tuna steak makes homemade tuna salad something spectacular. There really is no better way to enjoy tuna.

I have been purchasing the tuna (usually Albacore) in the foil packets instead of the awful cans. Did you know that the canned tuna actually can contain several different types of tuna? Predominately, Skipjack accounts for most of the canned light tuna and contains less Mercury than yellow fin and albacore. Yep....limit the amount of albacore. It may look great and seem healthier than the gray stuff in a can but its not. Anyway....I am sure that my tuna steak isn't any more safe.

So the next time you want to make some tuna salad, start with a Tuna steak on the grill instead of reaching for the can opener. It is very tasty and you will not be disappointed!

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