Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rita's rite of Spring


I really don't need to say more. Those who have followed my post for awhile know that March/April each year I give a hearty welcome to Oysterfest at the Washington Platform Restaurant.

Yeah....I like oysters fried, on the half-shell, broiled and in a shooter. It really does not matter to me. It's all good.

On Friday, I will join my friends at Oysterfest and have a "gay" old time! It really is my favorite rite of Spring!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Plant and Krauss

I picked up the Robert Plant and Allison Krauss collaboration CD last week. It had received so much acclaim on the AMA's and the Grammy's that I thought it was likely a safe purchase. I looked at it the same way I look at the Oscar nominated likely cannot go wrong if you choose to see one in the theater.

I was not disappointed. Now it's not my normal everyday music (I don't own a RP or a AK cd), but you know sometimes you want to listen to something slightly quirky and irregular. Something off the beat and path. Something that blends well with a small group of people sipping martinis late on a Friday afternoon. Raising Sand would be the CD for those times. Its not rock-n-roll nor is it bluegrass. Its a blend that can only be described as "alternatively unique".

I added a little eight minute documentary in my video slot on the right side of this blog for those of you who want to sample some of the music while hearing from the musicians themselves.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

March Madness. *giggle*

Morale at my workplace is so bad no one had the gumption to start a b-ball pool this month. Sad, eh?

So Rita hooked me up and let me enter her company's madness. Mine is one of 128 brackets in the pool. As of this moment, I'm ranked #9. Last night I was #3, but then OSU screwed up.

Rita is #59.

And it's making her crazy.

With good reason. I pretty much picked my teams using my usual random approach. For example, when asked why in the world I picked Villanova to advance to the elite 8, my response was likely something along the lines of 'I like to say their name'. Rpi? Nah. And Syracuse -- honestly, I like the orange. The color.

Somewhere there's probably a committee assembled to begin the process of taking back my toaster oven. I had to get a waiver to claim it to begin with, being one of the only lesbians I know to have never played a team sport outside of kickball in second grade.

To make up for my momentary dominance I cooked dinner tonight, and we're watching the madness (and Celebrity Apprentice) with a nice Cabernet.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

The title of this blog is highly appropriate after our mini-vacation this past weekend in Sin City. If there is an economic crisis it ain't happening in Vegas. In fact, if you want to escape the depressing news.........go to Vegas! I had not been there in six years and I was amazed at the building explosion that has taken place! Clearly it was a very fun time for Lyn and I. I would not say it was relaxing - I think we walked 10 miles a day - but it was very fun!

My thanks to the "Jello-shot Wench" for taking care of the cats while we were away. They seemed to be in fairly good spirits when I came home - in fact they seemed disappointed that I was home. hmmmmmmm.......

Did I mention that I had a Governor Richardson sighting? Yeah....Lyn didn't think it was him, but being only 10 feet away - close enough to smell his cigar smoke - I was pretty sure it was him. You are always good for at least one celebrity sighting while you are there - political or otherwise.

We stayed at the Bellagio. I highly recommend this hotel! We got a fabulous price through Travelocity that made it irresistible. I would certainly stay there again if only for the Long Islands! The room was very comfortable and I had several good nights of slumber.

The one thing that really stuck out for me was how loose the slot machines were in most hotels. Living in the Midwest for most of my life and not seeing a real casino (most of the boats are lame) for six years, I didn't realize how tight the local casinos really were in regards to payouts. I didn't come home with lots of extra money but we sure did play longer on very little. Amazing.......

So that's my story about our Vegas trip. In honor of it, I have placed a special video on the right side of this blog. Enjoy!!