Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Debate Suggestion

Just a random thought I had today about the presidential debates. Wouldn't be interesting to have the ladies from "The View" moderate one of the debates? Barbara Walters could stand by and ensure that everyone - including Whoopi, Sherri, Joy, and Elizabeth (yes even her) - stay within the designated timeframes.

Now there would be some down to earth, heart and soul questions to both candidates. A far cry different than what we will see from Bob Schieffer tomorrow night.

(sigh) Is this almost over?

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

"Double Talk Express"

The latest article about McCain from Rolling Stone magazine this week. He can't seem to make up his mind...........


Sunday, October 05, 2008


You can learn a lot about a person by how simple tasks are performed around the house. I think that it can be enlightening actually. I learn more and more about Lyn as each year goes drifting by.

Case in point......laundry.

Now I will admit....I am not the Martha Stewart of the laundry room but I am learning thanks to her lovely book. However, I do know the basics and there is simply one function for which my attention span drops dramatically - Folding. After spending one morning emptying Lyn's dryer of clothes and learning what her previous partner did for her when it comes to folding......I have decided that "Folding" should be a salaried position. That's right, I said salaried.

Apparently, women in the past have neatly folded clothes, placed them in neat little stacks awaiting for their master to pick them up from the laundry room. I also believe - although this was disputed - that the clothes were placed in color coordinated stacks in alphabetical order by color.

I could go on about the "proper" clothing drawers and the placement of particular clothing items in each drawer but I think you get the idea here. I obviously need to attend a local "Laundry Anonymous" meeting to correct my laundry deficiencies! I cannot possibly live up to the expectations of "Partners Past" after living solo for the last 12 years. The expectations are enormous and equally rivals the mountains of laundry in a blended household!

Hello....my name is Rita............

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Saturday morning ramblings

Ahhhh.....Fall is here my friends! The much cooler nights here in the Ohio Valley have been a welcomed sight for my AC unit. We seem to have much shorter periods of Fall these days. Thanks to the recent hurricanes and the windstorms that it brought to the Midwest and the NE much of the pretty trees and their leaves didn't stand much of a chance. Today I am going to begin a little yard cleanup in preparation for winter. I have been told by two sources who follow the Farmers Almanac religiously that we are in for a bad winter. I don't know whether to believe it or not but it does lead me to think about getting a snow blower.

  • How about OJ Simpson? Thirteen years to the day of when he was "pardoned" for killing his ex-wife and Ronald Goldman, he receives a guilty verdict in Vegas for Armed Robbery and Kidnapping. Apparently the sentence - even if it is light - could keep him in jail for much of his remaining days. I don't know if it brings much solace to the Goldman/Brown families since they wanted him to pay for the murder of their family members many years ago but the fact that his verdict arrives exactly on the day 13 years later is freaky to say the least. It might be the "ghost of Christmas past" coming back to haunt him in a very real way.
  • Ok....has everyone finished reading their copy of the Bailout Plan? Anyone? Apparently the only way they could get some of the H of R folks to vote for it was if they added some "fat projects" of theirs to the bill. So now we are paying for other stuff that isn't relevant to the bailing out of Wall Street. I did check the bill to see who didn't vote for it in my area - Congressman "Comb-over" Chabot voted No. The thing about this bill is no one reeeeaallly knows if it is going to work out or not. They are taking their best stab at it. Kinda like adding Sarah Palin to the Republican ticket.......
  • Speaking of the good Governor from Alaska.........I thought she had a good night at the debate as well as Senator Biden. Let's face it - either of these candidates were capable of turning this debate into a real nightmare! Thank God for 5 days of debate prep and 35 years of Congressional experience to keep everything in line. I compare Sarah Palin's efforts to her Republican Convention speech. She had a binder of information at her podium and since she can read well.....she had no problem following along. "Joe" as Sarah Palin likes to call Senator Biden did a lot of smiling during the debate and I am still trying to figure out if this was his way of belittling her comments or if he was simply thinking...."Wow...she is an attractive woman when she taunts me like that."
  • Hooray! to Tina Fey's impressions of the great moosehunter! It should be another lively SNL session tonight!

This has truly been a lively week all around and I know I could ramble on a few more topics but then I would miss my chance to cleanup the yard. Ugh! Everyone have a great week!