Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday morning ramblings

There are so many things to chat about today I decided to just ramble on endlessly about each one just to get them off my chest. (Deep breath) we go!

  • Jon and Kate - minus 1? Apparently the media machine is still being stoked again because it is being reported this morning that Jon and Kate have an announcement coming sometime soon. Rumored to be one that will have a big impact on their is my guess that Jon has said......"Enough is enough...if you like being on TV so much.....have at it!" Yep.....a separation of some sort probably linked to a money deal with TLC.
  • North Korea - Yeah......launch a missile in the direction of Hawaii. Sounds like a really wise decision doesn't it? If you really want to test President me....he has been waiting for this opportunity.
  • Smoke and Flames - no.....not a afternoon grillside with some choice steaks. This was how I spent part of my afternoon yesterday on my way home from work. After having the truck in the shop last week because I was hearing noises - noises that could no longer be heard once it was at the shop of course - my truck broke down on my way home yesterday. Luckily I was able (able is a keyword here) to pull my smoking auto off the highway and into a gas station. After using a bucket or two of water to put out the flames near my front driver's side tire.......the tow truck driver's initial diagnosis was a broken axle. Ah ha.....a broken axle. Smoke and flames folks!!! This was followed by a 28 mile tow back to the same garage who worked on my car last month and did not hear the noises last weekend. They were sad to see me.....hmmmm.....wonder why? Now it is just me and "the muttlet" aka Bailey.....sitting around waiting all day.
  • Louisville Pride - I hear the Indigo Girls are performing this weekend. Much to the chagrin of Lyn I am a fan of Emily. Ahhhhhhhh.........
  • Football season - YAY!!! What some of us live and die for!! IT is coming my friends! Do not despair! All of this talk of Jon and Kate, North Korea....blah blah blah will all go by the wayside at the the very first pre-season game!! Ochocinco (aka Chad Johnson) has predicted the Bungles will be in the playoffs this year. (cough) What???
  • Spinning - I could leave this up to the imagination but nah.....I have purchased a Spinning bike from my friend Robin. She tried it twice and decided it was not for her. Fortunately, I have been looking for more exercise so I gladly took it off her hands. Pretty nice bike and it comes with lots of "motivational" dvds so the ride can be just more agonizing.

Ok.....that's all I got. I know just as soon as I "send this to press" I will think of two more items that are just dying for discussion. Since I have all day to just wait around.....I will likely be back to see if anyone out there wants to discuss one of the items listed above!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

John & Kate

I know that this is probably the last thing you want to read about but I just have to put my two cents in on this fiasco. Let me begin by saying that I have always found this show to be quite entertaining and the kids are adorable.

However......Kate's attitude towards John is borderline abusive. (ok...I think I gave her more credit than she deserves) In recent interviews, Kate has stated that she finds the idea that she drove John to see other woman utterly ridiculous. Oh really? No...I mean reeeealllllly?
Both of them are adults and should know better but they both have equally contributed to the downfall of their marriage.

I have no doubt that Kate is doing what she is doing (book deals, tours, etc) to support the needs of her children. I have no doubt that she has their best interest at heart. However, since it took another person to get her pregnant with eight children, she should be mindful of her husbands concerns. He clearly does not want to be on television and with that said.....also has the best interests of his kids in mind. This is not something he wanted to do forever yet Kate can't think of letting one day slip by without a camera in her face. At $50,000 an episode, the money seems to have distracted her from the needs of her entire family.

And what about the first episode of this season? Kate complained six times how she was "alone" and how John was elsewhere. Oh....poor pitiful Kate. It is really hard to just have 50 grand handed to you when most of the people who are watching the show are struggling with losing a job, car or their home. I have a really hard time taking her side 100% in this if you can't tell.

As for John, it would help if he could avoid the dates out with other women. I mean....if you really want to stay in this with Kate.....somebody has to make the first move to correct an ugly situation. But I guess.....if he is already out of the relationship (separation) and TLC wants to milk this for all it is worth......they won't speak of the separation and he will continue to be caught with women in restaurants and then deny he is up to something.

I smell a Dr. Phil show in John & Kate's future........won't that be lively?