Monday, September 29, 2014

Whole 30

So. Here I months since my last post. It has been a busy year. Lots of things coming and going. Why shouldn't a new eating plan be in the works for 2014 as well?

Fifteen days ago I started the Whole 30 program. I had a friend who was starting it and she challenged others to follow on Facebook so I said...why not? I am not an expert at this program by any means, but I must say I am beginning to adapt.

The Whole 30 program basically pushes the reset button on your daily eating habits. It strips out all of the unhealthy items so you can go back to the basics for 30 days to kick start your metabolism. I like the word "kick start" and "reset". This may be just a side effect of being in the IT profession for over 20 years. We use terms like that a lot.

But I digress, I am half way through this program and I must say that I am feeling pretty good! I am not as tired as I was before and I have more energy. Imagine without slurping down ice cream, soda or cookies. This program strips all of that....and I mean ALL.....out. No sugar, dairy, legumes (beans, peanuts etc), grains or alcohol....yes....even booze......for 30 days. While I have been tempted to rob my local delicatessen of their largest wheel of cheddar, I have gradually lost that craving for everything cheesy. It was pretty bad there for awhile. Dairy is a huge part of my life and now not even a smidge of it for 30 days. Egads I thought.

Now I am finding myself not as hungry. Oh sure....I have hunger pangs just like everyone else, but I'm not as "ravenous". This whole thing has been quite interesting. It really has been a change to my system and I feel better for it.

To help the weight loss part of the program, it is really not specifically aimed at weight loss insomuch that it is a change in your foodie behaviors, I have started walking a lot more each week. I am hoping that as it kick starts my way of eating and thinking about food I drop some serious pounds too. I almost have to at this point. I have given up everything.....and I mean everything....that I loved to eat.

I am liking the way I feel and I look forward to the next 15 days with optimism and a change of heart about what I need to eat daily to make me feel happy and fulfilled.

Monday, February 03, 2014

It's Another New Year!

I almost feel compelled to write something in my blog at least several times a year if not once a month just for the pure joy of sharing my opinion to somebody or nobody.
Yes, it is true that I have not been as faithful to this as I have in the past. What's changed? Well, lots of things, but perhaps I just haven't felt the compulsion to vent about anything. Today, I decided that perhaps a few words here and there to sum up the year would be a good way to reviving my blog.

Amazingly, one month is already gone for 2014. It is the most important month in the whole year actually because it is my birthday month. Those who know me know that my birthday is hugely important to me and should be a national holiday. Ok....I am not that important or egotistical, but I do love my birthday! I turned 48 this year. I have come to realize that I am edging closer to the 3rd quarter of my life. Fifty is right around the bend and I have come to appreciate how important being alive means to me. Death is so permanent and I am not ready to go anywhere and I can't hardly imagine the day when I would be ready to leave this world. However, until a magic serum appears that allows me to maintain my looks of today forever, I will plod ahead with everyone else, keep my nose to the grindstone and enjoy each and every day.

Love, Love, Love - not just a catchy Beatles tune, but something that is so wildly important to me these last seven months. I have found the love of my life and I can't imagine one day without her. With that though comes the fact that I have to wait and endure many days without her for the time being. You see everyone has some housecleaning in their life and my love has her own to contend with these days. In any case, our hearts beat in unison and that steady beat allows me to look forward to a future full of love, fun and prosperity in many, many ways.

My Dad has settled in to the nursing home. Perhaps "settled" is not the word because he is a man of restless spirit. He likes to roam. Sunday drives on the weekend were something he adored while the rest of us bristled at the thought. He does realize that he is somewhere that is not his home and has difficulty understanding why this was necessary. Sharing this experience with my Dad has only called to mind my own mortality. Again....making this birthday and all future birthdays very important to me. Carpe Diem!

Football season is over. Now I know there are some that will say...."Yawn, what?"....or "I didn't notice", but it is one of my favorite sport seasons and I shall miss it. Onward and upward however to the next favorite - March Madness. What is not to like about this time of year? It ushers in Springtime - flowers, gardens, grass cutting - and renews our spirit! The "renewal of spirit" is much appreciated these days since we have had an abundance of snow in the Cincinnati area this season. I digress....March brings NCAA BB tourney time and it is a fun time indeed! No more sub-zero temperatures for me!

Have frequent flyer miles - will travel - I am hell bent in taking a vacation away from here this year. I picture a week or multiple 5 day weekends. I think it is so healthy to see the city fading behind you as you travel to your destination. It just releases the stress of everyday living. We all need to take the time to "smell the roses". I've been dreaming of beach places lately, but I gather that is because of this year's Winter.  Bah humbug.

I have a friend who will be married this year to her long time partner of 12 years. They live in New Hampshire - one of the 17 states (to date) that allow gay marriages. Last year, they made it official at the local courthouse and this year they intend to celebrate their union with a grand party near their home in the coastal town of Portsmouth. I couldn't be happier for them. We have moved into an era of tolerance to some extent, but have lots of work yet to do in regards to recognizing that all people have the legal right to marry the person that they love despite their sexual orientation. Hooray! It just boggles my mind that there are so many people in the U.S. who care about the humanity of people in other nations and just as soon trip me as I walk down the street for being gay. We should be ashamed of ourselves that it took this long for the rights of all individuals to be recognized. I had the joyous opportunity to attend my first lesbian marriage last year for a dear friend of mine and it was a powerful experience filled with love and sincerity. No different from any other wedding and that is the point now isn't it?

So what will the next 11 months hold? It is filled with promise, new beginnings, new adventures and reuniting with friends old and new and surrounded by loving family members. It will be a good year indeed!