Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fried Chicken

I've been eating less and exercising more since the beginning of February. Just trying to shed some unwanted pounds accumulated from the stress and strains in my life. Whenever I find myself "back on the wagon", I always come up with one stark raving mad craving.....Fried Chicken.

Now its not like I eat Fried Chicken a lot in my less than healthy diet. I do like it and when I have a chance to eat it I want to eat the best fried chicken available. Crispy, a little juicy with just the right balance of spices. Mmmmmm.....

I am lucky.....well....some may say not so live in the Midwest. Here is the Midwest you are going to find some of the best Fried Chicken around. We know what's good and tasty and I am lucky to live in Indiana where they do succeed at chicken dishes.

I have a goal on this diet...umm...change of eating...phase 1. If I can lose at least 20 pounds by May 7th, I am going out for Fried Chicken at a local establishment called The Old Brick Tavern. It's located about 30 minutes from my house up the highway in Sunman Indiana. It's a little hole in the wall family establishment and they do fried foods right. Their Fried Chicken is outstanding and well worth the drive. You can get a whole chicken for $10. They cut it up just like your mom does at home. Yes.....there is a back piece and a wishbone. What do they do with the wishbone at KFC? can get a whole chicken (among other lovely things on their menu) on a big platter with a pitcher of beer. Mmmmm.....It is a real treat. I suspect that they use half flour and half cornmeal as their breading. Don't know if there is any buttermilk involved but the breading has a lovely flavor and is just crispy enough to be entertaining. Hungry yet?

I am looking forward to taking my friends - who I have stirred into a frenzy about this chicken - with me on my FC excursion. I will be that much better eaten amongst friends. For my blog readers, I will post a picture of the large platter of goodness before it is completely devoured. :)

It doesn't get any better than that.

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