Saturday, August 30, 2008

Now I understand.....

why men of either party would vote for John McCain just because of Governor Sarah Palin.

She has the whole "naughty librarian" look going on. We may lose some lesbian votes on these pictures alone.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Veeps - Part 2

Wow.....what an interesting choice John McCain made today for his VP. The door is now closed on the whole "experience" discussion with this choice. He has chosen the Governor of one of the least populated states in the union - Sarah Palin. This is probably the best he can do at the moment.

A couple things that I just can't let go here.

1) If he thought he was going to get the women vote because he has a woman on his ticket, it is an insult to women everywhere. We are simply not going to vote for her just because she is a woman. She is NOT the right woman. She pales in comparison to Hillary. EEEEK!

2) How can she relate to mainstream America in the other 48 contiguous states? How does a Governor from Alaska relate to the struggles of Americans in Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis or Dallas? Alaska has a very specific demographic and I don't think she can relate to some of the issues that are occurring down here.

3) She has been governor for two years and they are trying to play up that she has "executive" experience. Ok......Obama hasn't governed a state but he has real world experience in a state government system - 8 years that oversees one of the largest cities in our nation. Plus the fact that he is currently in Congress. A two year governor?? Ok....I am going to say this......even Dubya had more experience than that!

4) Personally....she is an avid hunter and a snowmobiler. Avid hunter appeals to those in the NRA but I haven't heard any Democrat say that they are taking our guns away. As far as snowmobiling, she can probably drive and shoot at the same time. Sorry folks.....that is the best I can salvage from that one.

My two cents on this pick. Overall......I really like it! What a fabulous way to ensure that a Democrat walks into the White House in January!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Oh what fun we have every year in August at Germania. We have a few Octoberfests around the Cincinnati area but this one clearly is the best. Crowds are small, the food is authentic and the beer is cold!

Some of the highlights:

They have a festive beer hall........

A lively and fiercly competitive Tug O' War competition is held featuring local fire/police departments, German organizations and of course the Ancient Order of Hiberians (the Irish). The picture below are the teams parading through the festival grounds.

Of course.....there are shots of Jager and Schnapps! The Jello Wench thoroughly enjoyed herself today!

And last but not least, it is worth mentioning the Wagon of Cheer! This is always popular for those who are feeling lucky! If there isn't something in this wagon that you care to don't even need to be at this festival!

All in all it is a good way to end the Summer on a positive where is my stein?

Drink Up, the Summer Wind Down Has Begun

It's downright steamy this weekend.

Today we'll be joining Jello Shot Wench and assorted others for what's become a tradition -- lesbian invasion of the local Germania Society Oktoberfest. It's the first 'official' of umpteen Oktoberfests here in the Zinzinnati area. And yes, it's held in August. It's followed two weeks from now by the Main Strasse Oktberfest in Northern Kentucky, then a week or so later by the really big and much-too-crowded big one downtown.

Germania is a hoot for a couple of reasons. It's GREAT people watching -- old men in lederhosen, family guys pushing strollers and juggling giant steins, and whiny kids begging for food not involving sausage or sauerkraut.

And then there are the activities -- personal favorites include buying raffle tix for the wagon-of-cheer (booze), betting on the rat-in-the-hole game, and the high camp tug-o-war between the local German societies and the Ancient Order of Hibernians. (Go Irish!) Seriously, the opening ceremony for the tug-o-war includes a parade, flags, the works -- it rivals the Olympics. But with more beer.

Rita will post pics in a later post, if the camera can be properly focused. Until then, what sorts of local festivals are must-attend events in your city?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Here we are the night before Obama makes his big VP announcement tomorrow. Who will it be? Biden, Bayh or some guy I have never heard of from Virgina? I am pulling for Joe Biden myself. I have always liked the guy's tenacity and posture during Senate debates and the Democratic debates. He's been around the block or two and clearly has some things he liked to say about presidential hopeful John McCain. He would bring a balance to the Democratic Nominee scale.

As for "McPain", I keep hearing that his buddy ol' Joe Lieberman may be his front runner. Joe doesn't do much for me. In fact, if this is the best McPain can do in choosing a running mate someone may as well turn out the lights in the dance hall because dance is over. I mean.....we keep hearing he needs to choose someone who will shake things up but I don't think this is the guy. This isn't a run for the AARP head offices - it's a run for the Presidency.

Either way........we will all know how these campaigns stack up in the next 10 days. Once we know, the polls will run rampant, debates will begin and every newscaster on television with a inch of breath left in him after the Olympics will have an opinion.

Summer is really over folks. They have us where they want us - sitting right in front of our TV's with nothing else to do........

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Katie Reider tribute

Last night a benefit was held in Cincinnati by WomenOutFront at the Below Zero Lounge to raise money and support for Katie Reider's family. As you know Katie lost her battle fighting a rare tumor last month at the young age of 30. Local area tri-state musicians were on hand to pay tribute to Katie by playing her music and celebrating her life through her songs.

Wicked Daisy

Perfectly Equal

Frozen Feet

The raffle and silent auction contained a wide variety of donated items for folks to bid on.

Oh yeah.....and there were Jello Shots.......sold by the Jello Shot wench.

Katie's father, Rob Reider, and her partner Karen Reider were also on hand last night to listen to the bands pay tribute. All of the proceeds gathered last night will go to Karen and her children to help pay some of the bills that were accumulated during Katie's fight. All in all it was a very nice evening remembering someone so talented and special.

See the video attached on this blog to hear Katie remembered by her family at her memorial service held last month.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Resigning with flair

I guess anyone who has resigned from a job has mentally positioned themselves the night before on how it will happen and what type of emotion they will let leak out. If you are leaving a position for your best interests, you don't want to appear too happy yet you don't want to look like you are attending your best friend's funeral. I don't want to burn any bridges so skipping out of your boss' office might be a bit carefree. After didn't win the still have to work for a living. Leave the skipping for the big Powerball win.

Tomorrow, I will turn in my resignation to a company where I have worked for over 18 years. It kinda feels like a marriage after all this time. In this case, this is a separation that needs to happen for me. I have lost confidence in the executives leading "the cause" and I have waited around much to long for my next promotion. I am not a slacker by any means and I am packing up my toys (aka. experience) and moving on to another playground - one that is a bit smaller and less crowded.

After 18 get to know a lot of people and you have a groove that you settle into. There are people who I will miss and there will be people who I would much rather forget. In the same regard I am sure there are some who will feel the same about me. Either way, I am making a move at a time in my life where it feels absolutely right. It's now or never - Eat or be eaten. Those who know me well know that I always enjoy a good meal.

So tonight it is about formulating my thoughts and measuring my words so I that can leave this company respectfully. I am closing this chapter in the book of my life. No hard's just not working for me anymore.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is simply lay down the pen and walk away...........

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Olympic Games

If we can get past the fact that the Olympic games are being held in one of the smoggiest most repressed nations of the world just for a minute........let's play word association.

When you hear the word Olympics...........what is the first thing you that comes to your mind? Besides......."Oh God...not two weeks of pre-empted television programming!"

When I hear "Olympics" the image that comes to my mind immediately is Mary Lou Retton taking the Gold medal in the Women's All-Around in LA in 1984. No snickering in the back row! I was 18 that summer and the images of Mary Lou hitting the Vault and landing it - stick right in my mind. I think that was the first Olympics where the United States actually had a fighting chance in gymnastics and Mary Lou did America proud that Summer. (see video on the right side of this blog in case you forgot)

Maybe its generational for some folks. Maybe you remember Wilma or Nadia or Katerina or Mark Spitz or Kerri Strug. Maybe you remember the Olympics because you actually got to see them in person! I have to admit I would like to do that myself one day. It will probably cost me dearly but to see one event would be fun.

So good or bad.........when you hear "Olympics" what comes to mind for you?

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Mamma Mia!

Ok....Lyn and I went to see Mamma Mia! last night. If you care to read her take on the show....feel free. I found it to be a great movie!

Yeah ok.....I will freely admit that I do know some of the Abba songs word for word. I don't know why. I was turned on to Abba at the age of 17 and no one stopped me. So yes.....with the exception of three of the songs in the movie, I sang along.....quietly. I didn't stand up and dance in the theater aisle as Lyn would have you believe. I was quite entertained yet maintained my composure and didn't embarrass anyone. were right....Meryl Streep gave a fabulous performance. After the movie I really took a moment and thought about when Meryl Streep gave a bad performance. (I wasn't a fan of her performance in Bridges - I thought her role as an Italian woman was a stretch) She looked like she had a ton of fun with this character. Everyone stepped out of the box to do their singing roles - even Pierce Brosnan - but that's what an actors do right?

I had been told if you were a fan of the Broadway show you would definitely like the movie. Well.....I had not seen the Broadway show but I was a fan of Abba music so I didn't think twice about seeing the movie.

If you want to see something that is as light and airy as a good chocolate mousse.......this is the movie for you. It is simply fun and lighthearted and is a good distraction from what the rest of the world has to offer at the moment.