Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to those who read my blog!

I believe that it has been raining 40 days and 40 nights here in the Cincinnati tri-state area. It has been quite gloomy - very green but gloomy. Not a particularly good time for an Easter egg hunt. I don't envy the parents who forge ahead with their egg hunt plans despite the weather. It will be a mess.

The whole Easter basket thing has been missed by me as an adult. I can remember getting an Easter basket from Mums and Dadums and then heading over to my grandparents for more Easter basket goodies. Fabulous time for the candy industry - not so fun for the parents who will spend the rest of the day waiting for the sugar rush to end in their otherwise sweet and well-mannered children. Ahhh.....good times.

My favorite "eggs" were chocolate marshmallow. this day, I can easily finish off a box of my favorite brand - Papas & Sons - located in Covington Ky. I wish they had a website because I would direct everyone to their site. The chocolate marshmallow eggs they make are small and simply fabulous. For those of you on Weight Watchers......1 point a piece. That's right. I know that because many moons ago I was on WW and I needed to know this basic fact so I could indulge without guilt. But I digress.....

Papas & Sons make at least a dozen flavors of their eggs. They have peanut butter, opera creams, maple creams, etc etc. There is one to meet every foodies craving and they are available in local stores. My grandmother pinged Papas quite heavily for our baskets. It was she who introduced me to the chocolate marshmallow egg and I found out years later that this was her favorite too. This explained why I never had any of these in the baskets from my parents. Grandma made her baskets herself and the ones I received from my parents included toys and other fun items besides candy. Usually the pre-wrapped cellophane baskets from the local grocers.

Despite the variety of baskets that you indulge in today, let us remember that it is not all about the Easter bunny and all of his tasty treats, there is religious aspect to this day which is the basis of this celebration for all Christians - the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Happy Easter!

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