Monday, March 22, 2010

Is it Spring already?

Amazing how long one can sleep when she puts her mind to it!

It has been a long time I know and I am not really sure if anyone is left to listen to my ramblings, but I will ramble just the same.

I have grown disappointed listening to the news over the last few months. In fact, I almost thought that it would be more peaceful to live in Canada without a TV so I wouldn't have to listen to people scream at each other about how the U.S. is going to Hell. I think some have grown afraid of what they don't know and there are those in the political world who know exactly how to prey on the feelings of those folks - creating the feeding frenzy that we now see nightly on any network.

Yes....our officials.....ok...the government....doesn't always do things that we all agree with. Those who don't like it.....please get over it. A lot of us who didn't support George Bush had to endure a lot over the last eight years and so we can appreciate the feeling of not getting things our way. It's ok. Like will get used to it.

To distract you from all of the governmental madness that has you in a frenzy.....tune in to Dancing with the Stars! Oh yes.....we in Cincinnati have something to cheer about. Our very own Chad Ochocinco has just finished his dance routine with two-time winner, Cheryl Burke, and they lit up the dance floor! Please.....he is going to give the ice skater - Evan - a run for his money. Hopefully, this season will be much more acrobatic because they just can't throw Kate Gosselin around enough in my opinion. you may know....I'm just not a fan of her media circus. So have at it! Toss her around! Wait.....she might lose her hairpiece. Pfffft.....toss her around!

I hope everyone who manages to read my post has a wonderful week. Did I say that I was getting a puppy? YES! In fact, he makes his arrival at the end of this week.

More on that later...........