Sunday, April 10, 2011


Yes.....Tiger Woods. I am sitting here watching the Masters and Tiger's aggressive climb up the leader board. Fabulous! Yes....that's what I said.

The guy made a mistake in his marriage and while some of you may think he is despicable because of it...he's human. Get over it and move on. Golf has been a boring game because Tiger has not been at his best. I don't like watching it if Tiger isn't charging the greens, pumping his fists and showing the raw emotion that has made him what he is in the history of golf. I heard what the old timers said about him...."he shows too much emotion, he swears, he throws his clubs...he needs to curb all of this and play the gentleman's game" etc etc. That's bullshit. Jealous old men......all of them. He is on target to be the most successful golfer that ever lived. Of course they would say all that crap. They want to change him and his game - make him weaker.

I say let him do whatever he needs to do to get his game back. The PGA is better because of him. No one wants to see no names winning inconsistently with every tournament. The sport of golf is more exciting and interesting because of Tiger.

Let the guy do whatever he likes. You don't have to like him as a many of us can even say we know the man? I don't know him but I appreciate his prowess on the greens and the historical impact he has had on society. Period.

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