Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Some advice for the FCC

Yesterday an official from the FCC announced that cable and satellite programmers need to "clean up their act" in regards to the type of television programming that is viewed by American citizens. One of the recommendations is to enact "ala carte" programming so that people can choose what types of programs are coming into their homes. So for example, if I want to see CNN, ESPN and Lifetime, I would be charged a fee for each of those networks by the cable company. They believe that the high cost of cable and satellite television would decrease if this "ala carte" option were made available.

Sounds pretty good huh? Lower prices for cable and satellite services?

Keep this in mind. If "ala carte" pricing goes into place, the biggest impact will be to those channels which do not see the largest viewing audiences. The cable and satellite providers could decide to eliminate channels due to the fact that they are not requested as much by most subscribers in the ala carte process. What we will be left with is fewer channels and less programming opportunities. Basically, the exact things we all had prior to introduction of cable or satellite TV to society.

And what about the parental locking feature available on the remote? Or the V-Chip? If you do not want Johnny or Suzie to watch particular shows that you deem objectionable, you already have the option of blocking that programming out based on the new television rating system that is in place.
It takes less than five seconds to lock the programming down.

To be honest, there are probably more television networks on cable/satellite than are really necessary. However, I want to have the option of discovering those new channels myself without having to jump through hoops to access them.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Christmas preparations

After waiting patiently........ok well.........maybe not so patiently........I have finally decorated my humble little home for Christmas. It took all of 35 minutes to achieve this feat but it has been accomplished!

I even managed to go out on Friday and do a little Christmas shopping. Albeit it was in the afternoon after the crazed maniacs had gone home or just simply dropped dead from exhaustion. Did you see the news clips from some of their adventures? Yep.....tis the season to trample people at Wal-Mart. Egads! My companion and I failed to see any of these rabid shoppers at the stores.
We did run into a variety of screaming children. Why they decided to break out into screams I do not know, but apparently it is something for which their parents are accustomed. I can't even imagine what my parents would have done had I reached those type of decibel levels!

I must say that I am now ready for some "Christmasy" type of weather. Perhaps even a light snow flurry or two. Just enough so it looks and feels like Christmas time instead of a chilly October day in Florida. Hopefully I am not jinxing us into a December blizzard like we had last year!

Happy Shopping!

Monday, November 21, 2005


After a valiant effort by my hometown football team - the Cincinnati Bengals - they lost to the Indy Colts 45-37. Peyton Manning's arm was as golden as usual and he is clearly setting the bar for the rest of the teams in the NFL. Nice try had nothing to lose.

Special thanks to my friend in Boston who left me a very sad, sad, pitiful message on my voicemail. Yes yes........she wanted to gloat about the Bengals loss to the all-powerful Colts.

Now let's see........I do believe the Patsies played the Colts at home already this year. Hmmm......I think they lost by 19 points that day. So tell me this...........what looks more pitiful, the Bengals (aka. Bungles - who haven't seen a Superbowl since 1989) losing to the Colts by 8 or the defending Superbowl Champion Patriots losing to the Colts by 19.

I dunno................this is a tough one...........

Friday, November 18, 2005

My addiction

They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. goes.

I am addicted to QVC.

Yessss yessss.....I know what you are saying. How could anyone have such an addiction? started a few years ago in November when I was recovering from having my wisdom teeth pulled. The recovery process took a bit longer than anticipated. What more could I do? I certainly couldn't go out in public with my bruised, puffy face and eating anything more than pudding wasn't an option.

So I turned to the television and discovered holiday shopping on QVC.

Now at first.....I was like anyone else. Who cares about shopping via the television? Who needs it? Well.......a little idle time with nothing better to do will make anyone go over the edge. I made one purchase........then another...........and then one more. I bought some dandy, off-the-wall items for everyone on my Christmas list that year. It was fabulous!

Ok.....another admission. I have turned other people on to watching and shopping on QVC. I know...I know........I have shared this addiction with others. I am guilty! However, they had fun! No harm no foul! They bought fun stuff!

This weekend will be a shopper's dream on QVC! Just take a little harm in just looking..............


Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Ahhhh yes...........I am still here! A few interesting and ok.........downright odd.......items from the local news and beyond.

- First and foremost, the Bengals (7-2) look forward to taking on the undefeated Colts (9-0) this weekend at Paul Brown Stadium. While I would be estatically happy if the Bengals would take down the mighty Colts, I don't think it is going to happen. Peyton is on a roll with a golden arm. My prediction - Colts 27 - Bengals 20.

- That's right. You heard it hear first. You no longer have to give up your favorite brew to a begging pooch. Happy Tail Ale is here!

- Dubya's approval rating is continuing to sink. Down 37%. I guess some folks are finally beginning to wake up.

- As for the State of Ohio, they have the distinct honor of having one of the worst Governors in the history of mankind. Gov. Bob Taft's approval rating is 15%. case you didn't know.....he is a Republican too.

- Supreme Court nominee Alito will have to wait until January for the hearings to begin on his nomination. YAY! This gives Sandra Day a few more critical decisions on the bench. Hopefully the hearings will end the Alito confirmation process but I am not optimistic.

- Much to the dismay of a few close friends.....I am eager to begin decorating my house for Christmas! I have restrained myself quite nicely..........waiting patiently for the day after Thanksgiving. My neighbors across the street, however, have had their Christmas tree up for 3 days. Proudly displayed in the front window of their home no less. Ho ho ho hmmmmmmmmmm.........


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

"The man" has a plan - Egads

It has been announced today that President Bush will outline his plan for a possible Flu pandemic. Yes..........he apparently has a plan in lieu of the outbreaks around the world.

Does anyone else see the irony in this?

A new nominee

Yesterday, a new Supreme Court nominee was announced by the President. Of course, as expected, Dubya bowed to the Conservative Christian coalitions and nominated the most conservative judge he could find in the U.S. - Samuel Alito.

Talks of a filibuster are already being discussed in the media but don't expect it to begin any time soon. With the holiday break coming up for Congress, it may not be possible to start or end the hearings before January 2006. So we have a little time to analyze this judge more thoroughly and I expect the denouncing of this court appointee to grow in volume.

I am not optimistic that our Democratic representatives can stop this nominee from taking the position on the Supreme Court - filibuster or no filibuster. The Republicans are ready to "bust" the filibuster with a law that would outlaw their use forever. Since they have control of both houses, this could be disastrous and end the filibuster before it begins.

I can only hope that we do not lose any more Supreme Court judges during Dubya's tenure in office. If that happens, we will certainly see a domination of conservative judges on the court. This could dramatically change life as we know it for years to come.