Thursday, April 07, 2011

Curious thing.........neighbors

My neighbors are a quiet young couple. I place them anywhere between 25 and 30. Anyway....they keep to themselves mostly. We chat from time to time and I can always count on the husband to give me a hand lifting something. They are good people.

This past weekend they planted a fruit tree in their backyard. While this would not normally be a big deal, I live in an area that until about 6 months ago had deer hanging from the trees. While the herd has been cut back, they still thrive here in the wooded areas of "happy valley". So....the idea of planting a fruit tree in an area where deer are always foraging for food seems a bit hilarious to me. Really? Out of all of the perfectly good landscaping trees and shrubs they could have chosen.....they chose a fruit tree?

Perhaps it is a bit of "deer cull" guilt. You see.....he took part in the herd thinning that happened here in the valley. The local POA thought it would be a great idea to give folks bows and arrows and let them run wild through the woods. He killed one or two during the killing season. I actually think he left one in the bed of his truck overnight.

Anyway, I'm not sure what kind of tree it is and I certainly hope that they actually harvest something from that tree. Methinks that it will simply serve as a salad bar for my little deer friends. It's not like the deer could actually get to the tree past Kip (see pic in post below) because he does a fine job as sentry on my deck. It just seems like a funny tree to plant in an area that is known to be a Denny's for the SE Indiana animal population.

Of course......if its a fruit I enjoy......they will never suspect me when fruit is missing.  :)

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