Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Civil War?

A variety of news teams are now officially calling the atmosphere in Iraq a "civil war". And really, who can blame them? After months and months of denials from the White House about what is going on over there even Ray Charles could see what is happening.

Today, it was reported that we are moving 30,000 troops out of one of the provinces to Baghdad because it has been determined that the fighting is so fierce with Al Qaida that we will not win. Fabulous.

I wonder when we will come to that realization about the whole damn war.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


From time to time, there are movies released in theaters that are really worth the $10 entry fee - Bobby is that movie.

I was two years old when RFK was killed at the Ambassador Hotel so I don't have any recollection of that time period. This movie really hits an emotional nerve. It is powerful, humorous and solid in its storytelling of this tragic event. You get an inside look at normal people going about their daily lives preparing for RFK's visit.

The story is woven around RFK's basic philosophies on life, politics and human decency. Film clips of his presidential campaign, family life and political viewpoints are scattered throughout this movie. You just don't focus on his tragic death but more so on his reason for living.

After the movie, TC and I both wondered what would life be like now if RFK had lived and became President? Would the world and our nation be a much different place? I was amazed at the striking similarities of what is going on today versus what was happening in 1968.

This movie really highlights how devastating the 60's were for the U.S. Three great leaders cut down at the time when the country needed them the most. RFK's death was the final blow to the stomach. It knocked the wind completely out of this country. You feel it yourself in watching this film.

If you have not seen this movie yet, do not wait for the DVD. It is well worth the money for such insight into this period in our nations history.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Ohio State vs. Michigan

Oh good gawd........could there be any bigger matchup in college football? I know that there are other matchups out there that people feel passionate about, but I think this one is framed in sweat, blood and tears.

The hype in Ohio is awesome....huge even! I mean.....this year is bigger than it ever has been in all the years that these two teams have engaged in this battle. The OSU coach Woody Hayes started this venerable, clash of the titans. He inspired the "we can't stand 'em" attitude. This just isn't a game. If the Buckeye fans could dig Woody up and prop him up on the field.....they would do it!

I have a friend who attended OSU and she is a manic, stark raving mad fan. She bleeds scarlet and gray! This matchup is the matchup that Emily waits for all year. Any other just that......just another game. This game......winning or losing about pride. It's all about beating Michigan baby. Nothing more and nothing less.

We will all gather together tomorrow....OSU grads or not........and support this battle. This is the climax to a fabulous, over-the-top season. Both teams have excellent records. The winner of this game will feel the emotion shared by many players that have passed before them. Decades of fierce rivalry that comes down to this one game.

This year, the National Championship is the reward. But don't let anyone fool you, any OSU alumni will tell matter what happens with the's all about this game and nothing else.

Go Bucks!


You gotta be kiddin me..........we're going to be hypothetical about it???!!!

No more media coverage for this piece o' work.......

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Bungling Bengals

There are just so many things I can say about this pathetic Bengals season. Today, we squandered a 21 point lead and let the Chargers come back and beat us 49 to 41. Agghhhhhh!

The first half was pure offensive brilliance. Carson Palmer was on fire! He passed for 421 yards today! Then came the second half..........sheer domination by the Chargers.

I was reading some of the blog comments on the Bengals page this evening and I think I will let a few of their comments sum everything up. These are actual comments from the Bengals blog.
  • NOBODY TOUCHED HIM!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!
  • Shoot me now!
  • Why are the football god punishing us?
  • im changing the channel. this is going downhill TOO fast
  • i cant deal with my team any more. i'm literally sick to my stomach
  • Forget that. I'll shoot myself.
  • even a FG won't give us a tie anymore.. didnt we have a 10 Pt lead 15 minutes ago?
  • I refuse to call us the Bungle.............but it is looking mighty familiar.
  • Someone shoot this defense. I say they call 11 seat numbers and suit up 11 people from the crowd.
  • there is no god
  • oh ######!!!!!!!!!! OH ###### OH ######!!
  • What kind of stupid play is that?
  • How is it possible to score 41 points and lose?
  • oh God... I just sneezed beer out my nose... that stings.
  • Can we get a turnover PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!
  • wow game over baby game over

And my personal favorite:

  • Jets just beat the Patriots......

Saturday, November 11, 2006


There are a lot of lively conversations on talk radio these days since the Democrats have won the majority in both houses. One of the topics of discussion is investigating possible crimes and misdemeanors committed by George Bush since he has been in office and whether or not there should be impeachment hearings for those crimes. The reaction to impeachment hearings is mixed.

While I believe that GW's actions should be investigated and publicized for the world to see, I am not in favor of impeachment and let me tell you why. GW has two years left in office. By the time both houses waste precious energy in gathering, documenting and validating all of his actions for impeachment, he could have less than 6 months left in office. Removing him at that point serves no purpose and leaves Dick Cheney to run the White House. It also puts the Democrats way behind in their promise to clean things up and right the wrongs that GW has already committed. This will create ample fodor for Republicans in the next Presidential election and could hurt Democrats overall.

We all remember the standstill when Congress went after Bill Clinton. It was their primary focus and nothing else was accomplished. Do we really want that now when we have just won a major victory in Washington? I believe it is better for both houses to come into session and begin cleaning house. The world sees the Democratic victory as a blow to the Bush Administration and as a sharp turn to the left in regards to healing our relationships with other key nations.

Vengence should not be the modus of operandi at this moment. We should use this momentum to enact great change and prepare for the next election. Everything that is accomplished with the new majority can be used by every candidate that runs in the future.

We have seen plenty of bad decisions in the last six years. GW is now a lame duck president with no spending money. Let him sit back and watch as the country is rebuilt around him. This in itself is far more amusing than impeachment.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

No more capital for George Bush!

After a higher than expected turnouts at the polls in all areas of the country, the citizens of America have prevailed in sending a clear message to George more spending money!

Not only did Democrats gain the 15 seats they needed to control the House - they picked up an additional 10! The Senate race is still too close to call with recounts occuring in Virginia and Montana. James Webb (Va) had the lead at the end of the night but with such a close margin of victory it pays to be sure.

What we also we have a new Speaker of the House - a strong woman - Nancy Pelosi! Bye bye Mr. Hastert. No more coverups for your cronies and no more lies.

Already the news reports out of Bagdhad today have the government officials advising "US" that we should not pull out of Iraq and that our President is the main decision maker and he is still in office. are going to advice us what to do? I think Iraqi officials should be more concerned about the violence and civil unrest in their own country before they start handing out advice to the United States.

A clear message was sent back to George Bush yesterday. American's are not happy and we do have control over what goes on in Washington. If we turn out in droves, we can defeat any voting irregularities and set things back to a rational perspective.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Democratic nonsense

Ok everyone.........we are "THIS" close to an election. Can someone please shut John Kerry up? I mean really.......we want control of the House and the Senate for crying out loud!! The Republicans are doing a really great job of crucifying themselves without any help from the Democratic side.

This is the time to keep the humorous jabs to ourselves and talk about what has not happened in Washington for the last six years! Keep your eyes on the goal! Stick with hard hitting commentaries on George Bush and his policies, the war in Iraq, North Korea, soaring gas prices privatizing Social Security and how everyone else in the free world can't stand us at this point because of "Dubya"!

The last thing we need is for the tables to turn against us less than one week before an election. Keep it positive folks! Gloat after we have regained majority seats in the House or Senate! We have not won this thing yet and we can't act like we are in the home stretch when we actually have 10 more miles to run!

Someone save us from ourselves!