Saturday, April 09, 2011


It's just me and Kip hanging out this morning. I had grand intentions of taking advantage of a beautiful day - cutting my front yard, pulling some weeds and perhaps entertaining the notion of planting some perennials. wasn't meant to be. The morning is cloudy with a bit of chill in the air. I managed to pull some weeds and putter around the house as I waited for the sun to start shining so my yard would be dry enough to cut. After a few hours of puttering, I checked the weather radar and we have severe thunderstorms coming our way today. I got the mower out and managed to cut the side yard of my house before I felt the spritzing of raindrops. Ah least the dog is happy. I am in the house hanging out with him as he naps.

Tonight, Lyn and I are heading out to a Korean Restaurant for dinner with some friends. I have never had Korean food so I am curious about it. I am a huge fan of Asian cuisine anyway so it really isn't a stretch for me to go this route. I checked out Urbanspoon for Riverside Korean to see what kind of feedback it had received and it looks like 89% of the people who have tried it. I also like to check out the local foodie bloggers to get their input. My favorite foodie blogger - Wine Me Dine Me - had not written a review yet so I am placing my faith in others that say this place is pretty good.
 This might just be the luck of my day today. Just heard that we may or may not be able to go for Korean this evening. Other commitments may spill into the early evening and waylay our Korean din din. Bummer. Methinks I need to think of a suitable Plan B if this falls through this evening.
 Oh well.....I have all day to watch it rain and think about it.

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