Saturday, December 27, 2008


All I can say is go out and see this movie this holiday weekend! Borrow a car....take the subway....hail a cab....walk or your local theater!

It will inspire you.

It is easy for some to take for granted the struggles that we face as gays or lesbians. We know that there are people out there who hold much hate and disgust for us but as long as we live in a our cute little cul de sac where everyone loves us......we are not impacted by that "noise". Some of us continue to go on without reeeeaallly knowing what some chosen individuals did in defense of our lives today. They dared to step out there and say......"We will not be treated as second class citizens or as the dirt underneath your shoe. We DO matter and watch how we - together - can change life as we know it!"
Lyn and I left the theater last night ready to pick up a protest sign and march the rain. Harvey Milk came and conquered.....again.
This movie will recruit and revitalize you.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

So this is Christmas.....

Wow....what a day.

After an early morning rise, I started my day with my Dad and breakfast. I chose to cook again this year because this was a new tradition that my brother and I decided would be a good idea last year. So I was determined to keep up the new tradition and kept the menu to a minimum since I was the chief cook and bottle washer.

Then....on to Mom's for more food. This meal was more filling than the first and I was glad to see this "last meal" coming to tell the truth. The last 24 hours - including Christmas Eve - has been one big food fest leaving me in a sizable food coma. I have summoned just enough energy to blog this evening. Actually....I was hoping that a little more activity would allow me to work off a few calories.

Lyn headed home with her family today and methinks that she is in a food coma now herself because my text messages since 6:30 have garnished no response. I think Fried Chicken was on her menu today. I have seen many o' women fall into a deep food coma after several helpings of Fried Chicken and all the fixins. If I get no response soon, I may have to go out in the backyard and send up a few signal flares so she can find her way home. I realize that drinking and driving is not a good combination, but a food coma is not something to take lightly!

Tomorrow will be a day of taking it easy and unwinding a bit. Cocktails and a movie sound like a really good plan. I have a feeling that it will also include a few trips to a local mall or favorite department store just to check out the bargains. Just typing that last sentence made the "non-shopper" in me scream out in angst......(sigh)

Enjoy the food coma while it lasts. Tomorrow is another thing entirely.......

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas gifts

As I sit here this evening and catch up on my blog reading, I am reminded of some of my "Christmas gifts past". Some of them I have conveniently forgotten.....I suppose it is better to just blame my old lesbian memory, but there are some Christmas' that I just simply can't remember what I received from my significant other at the time. I am sure that they were all fabulous - the correct size, color, shape and blinked, beeped and buzzed. I'm sure that I was thrilled with each and every one of them.

I think.

I don't recall getting a "bad" gift per say. I mean....nothing sticks out in my mind as something that was just so wrong I will not only remember it in this lifetime but in the next three lifetimes. And, I am just as hopeful that in all of my years of bestowing gifts......I made sound decisions. recollections of gifts being hurled back in my direction or loud wailing cries from significant others.

I have always thought I was more of a receiver than a giver, but after recollecting on "Christmas gifts past", I am not so sure. I love buying for other people and seeing the joyous expressions on their faces when they receive something fabulous! That makes me feel wonderful!

This season is about giving, but in order to give.....someone has to receive. This leads me to my question this evening. What makes you more happy - giving or receiving?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Are you serious?

Ok....before I get to the "meat" of this posting this the following news story and meet me back here.

Yeah. I only have one thing to say about this.....Do the parents of these children NOT share some of the blame here? I mean seriously......they allowed their children to be take to a separate room while this strange guy took pictures of them in their underwear!

How many times do we have to watch this stuff on the news and read it in the paper before we allow ourselves to be suspicious of these type of circumstances? Could these folks be so greedy - "Oh my child could be the next big time model or the next Hannah Montana" - that they would want to take this kind of risk?

It is this type of stupidity that just leaves my mouth open in amazement.........