Thursday, June 23, 2011

Running and more running

Today was a day of running of all kinds. I spent most of the day with my dad running him to and from the medical center so he could have some tests done on his lung. This alone turned out to be a day long adventure especially for him. Long story short......he is resting comfortably at home after being poked and prodded.  

And now......I am heading to the park to run my c25k (w3d3)for the day. Just waiting for my iPhone to charge so there is no chance of it leaving me "musicless" during my run. Besides....if I wait a little bit I buy myself some cooler temperatures. I miss the days of running in 55 degree weather. Those were good days! to my running!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Work tomorrow

The last two words that anyone wants to hear when coming off a week's vacation.

I just went through 8 days of work email to get a jump on my day tomorrow so it isn't as hideous as I would imagine it will be. The confusion is not as bad as I thought from the emails that I have read. Now I might hear otherwise tomorrow but looks like folks were challenged but not overwhelmed. There are a few folks who simply can't follow directions even when they are spelled out in a document written at a 5th grade level. HA! And these are the folks that we are allowing to make application changes to our environment! Amazing!

Is it too early to it Friday yet?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Last day in Boston/Cape - Airport

We left P-Town about 9:30 this morning for the trek back to Logan Airport. It has been a nice relaxing trip. My head feels clearer and I feel like I can now redirect my energies to things that have drained me. Of course.....the sun was shining most of the drive back (and it is still out here at Logan). We had two sunny days to speak of.....our first day and our last day. It's gotta be Murphy's Law. :(  I packed sunscreen not dreaming that I would never even contemplate applying it. Ahhhhh......such is life. Tomorrow I will get up, cut my front yard and then go to the pool for a little Indiana sunshine.

My ever faithful pooch Kip will return to me tomorrow night after spending a week at mini-boot camp. He needed a little refresher course on how to be a well behaved 92 pound doggie. I missed him every time I saw a dog in P-Town. The town was crawling with canines so I thought of him often. He has a few pig ears coming home with me so he will have a nice little treat waiting for him.

It's a little after 4pm. Our flight leaves at 5:50 or so. We got here about 2:45 so we have been here a little while. You never know about the Boston traffic so it was probably a good thing that we got here early. The "accommodations" at Logan are quite nice. Lots of power stations to plug into, nice comfy seats and free wi-fi for those of us who feel the need to blog a few lines. It's lovely, just lovely.

A quick glance at the weather radar shows rain in the Cincinnati tri-state area. YAY! More clouds and rain.........I love it! Perhaps I should get a cocktail before I get on the plane.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 3 - Cape Cod

After a fabulous day with friends in Boston, our vacation takes us to Cape Cod for the remainder of our stay. Yesterday was an incredibly rainy and cloudy day in Boston, but the good companionship made up for the lack of good weather. Today looks to be much more of the same except much chillier.

I have relinquished all driving responsibilities this trip much to the surprise of Lyn who is used to me wanting to drive everywhere! Currently we are on the rental shuttle that has taken us well away from the airport to pick up our car. Who knew that we would go all the way to Revere? hmmmmm....

Next stop....the Cape.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 2 - Boston I am in the lobby of the Westin Waterfront just killing a little time on my blog. Our first day in Boston kept us busy with visiting some of my regular "haunts" such as the Union Oyster House and Mike's Pastry. It is a must stop for me! After that we spent a bit of time walking around downtown Boston.

We went over to the North Chuch so that we could "right" the Sarah Palin facts that she was spewing on her stop here a few days ago. What a piece of work she is! She has her defenders and I still don't know how any decent educated woman can support someone who lacks the educational foundation to speak about even the most minute things! I just don't get it and maybe that is what some of her supporters would say of me! Ha! I will happily give any other Republican woman a listen if she is even 25% more eloquent in her responses to life's easy and difficult questions. Bring it!

By the fact that Sarah Palin missed last week. Paul Revere was a Bruins fan! He was! I have proof!

Today.....we head back into Boston for the Pride Parade. It should be a full day and I am really looking forward to it! Unfortunately the weather looks like it is going to suck (rainy and chilly) but I am willing to roll along with it!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Just love this blog!

Ok....I just have to share how much I like this new (well new to me) blog that I found. C'mon people! Who doesn't like Grilled Cheese?

Grilled Cheese Social

I love the simplicity of the blog and the many blog topics dedicated to Grilled Cheese Sandwiches! You have not had them like this so get on over to this site and check it out!

Monday, June 06, 2011

Ramblings of a woman ready for a vacation

Yes......I start my vacation on Friday. Heading to my favorite spot in the U.S......Boston MA. So these are my ramblings as I moan and groan my way through 3 more days of work.
  • Sarah Palin - still an idiot. It's funny. Every time she embarrasses herself in front of the entire world, those who support her attack President Obama for all of his shortcomings. When she is quiet....they are quiet. All political leaders have had gaffes, mistakes and blunders. Why can't they just call her out on it just once?
  • Great news! While I am on vacation, Kip will be spending a week at the trainer's getting a refresher course on manners. He is all of 16 months and he is feeling his "oats". It is so nice to know that I can fully relax and not worry about him. Phew!
  • I had to skip two days of my c25k program in the last week due to a sore Achilles heel. I decided to play co-ed softball this summer and of course.....I am doing a lot of sprints which have left me feeling all of my 45 years in three weeks. Ugh. My grandmother was right when she told me "don't ever get old".
  • I am bringing a book along with me on vacation. I'm not a huge reader but when I do pick one I like non-fiction stuff. I chose the Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton book "Furious Love" to read while I lounge around and eat chowdah and lobster!
  • Speaking of chowdah.....I will be sitting at my favorite chowdah spot in downtown Boston around Noon on Friday - The Union Oyster House. I have not found a bowl that I like any better. I have heard that there is a place in P-Town that has pretty good chowdah. Hmmmm we shall see!
So what are your plans for the weekend? Relaxing? Yardwork? Chowdah?!

Somebody get me to the airport!