Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Royal Wedding - Wills & Kate

So where were you when Prince Charles and Lady Diana were married? It was thirty years ago folks. Really, it was! It doesn't seem possible that it was that long ago.

I was a freshman in high school. It was an early morning on that day too and the middle of the week no less. It was the talk of the day back then. Of course we know more about their relationship now than we did back then. Diana.....a local girl from an aristocratic family, no college and worked as a nanny. A pure soul with no earthly idea that she was marrying someone who was in love with another. It didn't take long for her to be unhappy and the pictures looking back at their life together portrays the thick air of misery. But what a happy wedding day it was on that day - like something from Cinderella.

Fast forward 30 years......and this time it's a bit different. Prince William and Kate have had years to get to know each other, appreciate each other and grow to respect each other. No one can accuse the guy of rushing things. Yikes! Kate is well educated and does not come from an aristocratic family. Just a normal girl in the world really. Normal changes on Friday for good.

I am really looking forward to catching it on TV. I can you not watch? If you miss it in the morning, it will be rerun all day long and then rerun during prime time that night. This is the next monarch-in-waiting and one day he and she will be King and Queen. What's not to love about the spectacle and the pomp and circumstance? It is a nice distraction to all the other things going on in the world that we are weary of hearing reported. A little good news isn't hard to swallow every now and it?


Sue said...

I turned the TV on promptly at 6:00am ~ just in time to see Kate hit the aisle. I saw Sir Elton and chuckled at the Queen, distracted during the first hymn. As Kate stepped to the alter, Prince William told her she looked beautiful and I thought that was a lovely gesture and perhaps they are off to a great start. TV off at 6:10 ~ I saw all I needed to see :-)

I remember watching Diana and Charles ~ the whole thing, as it was in July, and I was working as a nanny for the summer. What a great summer to be a nanny in front of the TV ~ Luke and Laura anyone?

Rita said...

Really surprised you gave it 10 minutes of your time! Bravo!

CJ said...

I loved watching the wedding! Nice to see some happy stories on the television for once.