Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Where's the beef? a couple of weeks ago I had this bright idea to give up meat products for Lent. I thought it was something more meaningful than giving up chocolate, soda or junk food. I thought.....what could be worse than hearing some pitiful woman moaning about not having chocolate.

I know what could be worse. Listening to myself moan everytime I hear a commercial for Longhorn Steakhouse or KFC! Yikes! This IS quite the penance! Typical things that I took for granted.......Skyline......chicken salad.......sausage.........all unavailable to me for the remaining two and a half weeks!

I have eaten fish anyway I can get it - on a bun, in a basket, on a stick. I had pizza last night with my girlfriend (aka. TC) and I tried imagining the sausage and pepperoni........but it just wasn't working. My biggest fear is that I am going to wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat screaming "Where's the beef!". Seriously.....while I am intrigued about my obvious dependency on meat's not enough to find this amusing.

Dieting is one thing. This is another. On a diet....or shall I say....changing your eating can still have a cookie every now and then. It's good not to deprive yourself of having a treat. It betters your odds of staying with your program. I suppose this is why I chose this "penance" in the first place. A little restriction in a lifetime of carefree eating could not hurt me.

Two and a half more weeks. Thank God the oysterfest starts on Friday I tell myself. A distraction from the madness for a little while. Keep your eyes on CNN.........if you hear about a woman who held up a Burger King at gunpoint only to run off with a dozen Whopper will be me.

(Please pass the marshmellow eggs.)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Headline of the Week

Bush: Democracy taking hold in Iraq

and perhaps Bird Flu.......


Observations for the day

Just a few observations from events nationally televised for our amusement............
  • Our president now says that troops will not leave Iraq during his Presidency. Thanks George for letting someone else clean up the mess. To quote GW - " we are making good progress.......a lot of good people workin' hard" A lot of good people dead too.
  • American Idol - I couldn't help but chuckle as Barry Manilow drooled as he was advising "Chicken Little" last night. appears that he likes guiding the young cute ones. While we are talking about "Chicken Little", I think he is the cutest thing on AI but he may not cut it as the big winner of the contest. What musical niche do we see him fitting into? Josh Grobin's or Aerosmith's?
  • The L Word - it appears that Alice is wasting no time in comforting the greiving Lara. With the last few episodes being so neatly written and driven, we are back to the same old drama. Season ending episode is Sunday. Time flies..............
  • Did you see the news story about the cat that dropped 80 feet out of a tree onto the ground and survived? The footage of it was remarkable. Apparently, cats stand a better chance of surviving a large fall than a shorter distance. My guess is that he used one or two lives that day.


Thursday, March 16, 2006

Ding Dong the polls are low

So what more can I say about our fine President that is not currently reflected in recent poll figures? It has been interesting to watch and wonder……… loooow can they go? It is truly a reflection of six years of the stubborn prideful ways of George Bush. The “my way or the highway” approach is not buying him anything these days.

It is simply amazing to see him continue to give speeches on how well the war in Iraq is going. Give me a damn break! There is now a civil war going on over there and we are caught in the middle!

Poor leadership, poor management and the stubborn resistance to change policy is killing this administration. The Republicans in the House and Senate are finally feeling the heat too as they now try to distance themselves from this guy to save their own re-election bids.

Now……if we could only get the Democrats to step up and take control of this parade!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Lenten observances

This may seem to be an odd topic to be posted in my blog but I found it interesting what people "give up" as their Lenten observance. Even though I am gay and I do have reservations about my faith from time to time, I do try to follow the spirit of the season and abstain from meat on Fridays during Lent. It is my personal resolve in honor of Jesus Christ and what I believe he did for all of us.

I would think that there is a poll out there somewhere that gauges the Top 10 things people give up during Lent. Invariably, chocolate would have to be number one. I think I know at least five people I work closely with that have decided that they must resist that temptation. Yes....I have thought about tormenting them by stopping by Frisch's (local restaurant) and buying a Hot Fudge Cake, but not being a huge chocolate person would hardly be worth it.

I have decided to give up red meat completely for the next 40 days. While I thought this would be relatively easy and healthy, it has not been so easy. I guess old habits die hard. Lunch options center around fish or salads. Its odd to not reach for chicken or a turkey sandwich. Both would normally be considered healthy but not on my menu during Lent.

I do have one fishy option starting at the end of the month. A local restaurant has an event called "Oysterfest" and I place that high on my list of things to do during the Lenten season. Yesssss......say what you must. I have heard all of the oyster comments. Everything from simply "Ewwww" to "it looks like a bad cold". Oysters are an acquired taste that is for sure but at least try them once and form an opinion. The menu for Oysterfest is so varied (beyond just steamed or raw) that everyone has an opportunity to try one without even knowing that they actually are eating them!

So if you are one of those individuals joining me in the fishy fare for the next 40 days, good luck to you! However, if you are one of those die-hard chocolate fanatics and are giving up chocolate for Lent, please increase your therapy sessions, take your vacation time or resolve yourself of the fact that you will be inclined to cheat to maintain our emotional health!

Thanks Eastah Bunny! (bawk bawk)

Friday, March 03, 2006

Here's a twist..........

Plan would bar Ohio adoptions by Republicans


Thursday, March 02, 2006

Gay & Lesbian Adoptions

I was listening to NPR this afternoon and the topic was Gay and Lesbian Adoptions. The experts on the call - pro and con - raised all of the issues on why it should and why it should not be banned in all 50 states.

In Ohio, there is a bill on the table to outlaw Gay & Lesbian foster care and adoptions - one of the most stringest bills in the U.S.. Even Florida, who has had a ban on G & L adoptions since the 70's still allows Gays and Lesbians to participate in the foster care programs.

The first caller on this issue was a teenage girl named Loretta who spoke about her and her sister who were currently waiting for someone to adopt them. She said that she and her sister want parents so badly that they would gladly accept two women who wanted to adopt them and love them as their own. She continued to say that the "experts" should consider the feelings and seek the opinions of those children in orphanges and foster care that have been shuffling through the process for years without parents. The experts and lawmakers should not base their bills/laws on their "in the box" beliefs/practices because many of the experts and lawmakers grew up with the "perfect nuclear family". They don't know what it is like not to have parents.

I cannot agree that it is better for a child to remain in foster care than to be in a loving home. Yet.....that is what lawmakers are saying when they pass such bills into laws. The children are better off in orphanages and foster care than in a home with two men or two women.

Are we really so far to the left of the page that this is the thought process we support as American citizens?

I know many couples who would make marvelous parents and I know some who should not even think about it. But's the same if you are heterosexual right? Some people are meant to parent and some are clearly not.

I believe that to provide a loving home to a child is the most admirable and self-sacrificing thing that you can do in your life. If you have the wherewithall to do it and can pass the rigors and expectations of the adoption and foster care agencies, it should be open to all couples who are willing to take that step.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Headline of the Week

Mother of caged kids denies cruelty

And their pets probably had the run of the house...............

Terrorism & GW

So here we are........years into conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq all based on the need to thwart the growth of terrorism. We have successfully captured Saddam Hussein and we are subjected to his "carnival court" proceedings each week. Osama is still "on the lam" and pops up every now and again to taunt us.

In a meeting with Italian journalists this week, GW said that Osama's video tape won him re-election. It reinforced to him that by Osama calling him "bad" it emphasized to the American people that Bush must be going a good job. him the election. Wow.....that's giving a lot of credit to someone who deserves nothing from us.

Republicans will stress that there has not been another terroristic attack in the U.S. since 9/11. Obviously, this is because GW is in office. Again......a lot of credit for really being lucky.

Do we really think that we have stopped them? Now I believe some of our efforts have protected us to some extent but by no means are we completely "armored". Our best defense against terrorism has been average American citizens pointing out the stereotypical individuals who fit the mold of the 9/11 terrorists. I don't think we will ever be truly safe from this type of extremism - killing and maiming innocent individuals all for the sake of a religious calling.

However, today we are being asked to trust. GW was quoted the other day that "Americans don't need to worry about security". Trust in him........he knows what he is doing. This is why he has cut a deal with the UAE to manage our largest sea ports along the East coast. What he doesn't want to say.....or won't that he is trying to keep his Arabian friends close.

The same friends from the same countries that bred the terrorists who hit us all on 9/11. We are being asked to trust and not worry about security. Who pays the ultimate price for looking the other way?

The same people who paid the price on 9/11 - average working Americans