Friday, April 28, 2006

Gas Prices

The last time I blogged about gas prices was back in August. At that time gas prices were raging at $2.65 a gallon. I would love to have $2.65 right about now!

Today I offer up my hypothesis on where these high gas prices originate. At the time GW took office, a gallon of regular was $1.46 on average. We haven't seen that price since. What the time of 9/11, GW said to his Arab buddies........."You turn your head on what I do in the Middle East to "fight terrorism" and I will not put up a fight when you cut back oil production - driving costs through the roof". Realizing that Americans consume the most oil by far than any other nation in the world.........the Arabs make a nice profit without it directly coming from the US Govt. for their cooperation.

Take a look at today's recent news clips........GW has told all Americans that we must "end our addiction to oil" or "we must look for alternatives". Not a word is said to the Arab nations in regards to OPEC control of oil production. GW hasn't uttered a peep. GW is an oil man! Do we really expect him to be sympathetic??? He has served the OPEC nations and his stateside oil buddies well in the last 6 1/2 years.

Anyway......we could rant about this all day I suppose. It appears that Govt officials are now concerned about it all just because this is an election year. No one wants to be seen not voting for the latest Congressional "bright idea" to lower fuel expensives or give tax rebates.

It's all about the vote now.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I have been in a bit of a quandary of late and it usually happens this time every year. What type of plants should I plant in my flower beds that the deer will not eat? Yes.......deer. You see.....they are very abundant in my "neck of the woods". Abundant may not be the word. They are hanging from trees. Every yard is an adventure in eating. A "Denny's" for the furry creatures.

Now....they are very cute. I have been known to feed them corn or salt licks back in the woods. However, when it comes to plantings, I don't want my yard to become one big salad bar for them. So yesterday, as I was listening to Sirius, I thought.........what would Martha Stewart do?

As it just so happens, I was listening to Martha on her Sirius program - "Ask Martha". Here was my chance. I would go "to the mountain" and ask an expert. I felt sure that she would have at least a dozen flowers she could recommend. So I called her show.

Within one minute I was talking to her. I posed my question. She paused.......then started into a story about how she has had the same thing happen to her on her farm until she eventually fenced every thing in. But she digressed and could only think of Holly and Vibernums as a recommendation. She said she would have to get back to me on this one. Wow......get back to me? I stumped the Martha? I continued to listen when she left for a commercial break and came back.

When she came back she was a plethora of knowledge! Wisteria.....lupines....etc etc etc. She even recommended the Oregon State University website that would give me these plants plus more. I also learned that daffodils are poisonous to deer and they won't eat them........but I digress.

I thought about it later. As soon as she went to break.....or maybe shortly before she went to break......she probably held up signs......"Info! I need more info on this!" She probably put some poor intern through their paces during that 60 second break.

All in all, she gave me some great information that was indeed very helpful. I found her to be quite pleasant overall. I don't think I expected her to be rude because this is her life and she is the expert when it comes to gardening or cooking.

After all, if she doesn't know........who does?

Ta Ta!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

2006 Bengals Schedule

Oh yes indeed! Football season is just around the corner!
Special games to note: Sept 24th & Dec 31st - Vengence will be sweet.

Where in the world is.........Katie Couric?

Well....I thought I might weigh in with a few thoughts on the whole Katie Couric migration to CBS News. Interesting huh? Who would have thought......Katie a news anchor before Matt? I am not a big fan of Matt Lauer so I am thrilled at her success. She will leave the Today Show at the end of May and until her first appearance at CBS (I have read that this will be sometime in the Fall) they will build her a brand new set and groom her for more serious journalistic endeavors. Don't get me wrong......I firmly believe that Katie can assume a more serious role each night but I will miss the "bubbliness" of the Today Show Katie. I hear that she will also assume a role on the 60 Minutes telecast. Now there is a show that needs "bubbly" .....and lots of it. I am actually looking forward to her first broadcast. Ok......that might sound dumb......but I am a news junkie so its par for the course.

So where does that leave the Today Show? Unfortunately, they did not choose someone who is already giving their dying breath to fill in for the "Katie's and the Matt's". Solid and bubbly choices were Campbell Brown and Ann Curry. Both equally deserving of a promotion into Katie's seat.

But no. They went outside the family and chose Meredith Vieira from The View.

Now....Meredith is fabulous in her niche on The View. She seems to be the peacemaker of the bunch. But let's face it.........The View does go after a certain demographic and she is enjoyed by that demographic (women over 40 who stay at home with kids). I would say that she is not particularly bubbly............interesting and savvy yes.........bubbly.....not particularly. is true that Barbara Walters handed the Today Show off to Jane Pauley and Jane handed off to Katie. However, Jane and Katie were much younger when they joined the Today Show. Again.....I think the demographics are a bit different with Meredith. NBC has enjoyed the #1 Morning Show title for some time........followed closely by Good Morning America. This just might be the push GMA needs to advance in those ratings.

Now.....I don't think Meredith will "sink the ship" on the Today Show. I find her to be interesting and will enjoy seeing her performance over there. I just have my doubts on the overall viewer response to this whole transition.

I think Katie is getting the better deal out of the two moves. Her move to CBS is exactly what it needs to eliminate the stuffy old "men's club" atmosphere that has reigned CBS News for decades. Walter Cronkite appeared on Larry King last night and gave Katie high praise as the new anchor. Coming from's worth its weight in gold.

Katie can't lose.