Sunday, July 10, 2011

Time for a tax increase

Yes.....that's what I said. Time to raise federal taxes on everyone. This morning I sat listening to the Sunday morning news talk shows and they talked about how the United States in the first time in its history may have to default on payments for its debts. This caused me to think about where that money was spent.

Let's begin by pushing the wars to the side of the table. We all know that because the U.S. can't stay out of everyone's strife and struggles.....we have been financially drained with no paybacks from the countries we have "saved". What does that leave us with? Well.....the other areas where we have spent money are for all the special requests that each state has for new parks, libraries, schools, museums, environment research, etc etc etc. Somebody had to request those things and it is my belief that if Congress can be blamed for pork barrel spending then we should also accept part of that blame.

Look, we are not going to get out of this debt without adding more money out of our pocket. I agree that we have to pay more in gas and food so that pinches everyone's pocket already. Trust me....I know! However, if we do not bring more money in, we are never going to get out of mess we are currently facing.

Now there is one tax that I would like to see go away if income taxes are raised. Eliminating the Estate Tax - the taxes that you have to pay on monies that you inherit from parents, spouses etc - would bring more money into your pocket that is tax free. I know that those inheritance times may only happen one or two times in your lifetime, but why pay on that inheritance when that money was already taxed a lot during its own lifetime? Makes no sense.

So as the clocks ticks down and the IMF (the world) sits back and waits in anticipation on some kind of cataclysmic event, I have to wonder as Americans........can we do more?

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Casey Anthony

Well, how about that folks? She was found innocent of the three counts of murder and manslaughter. I have to say....part of me was shocked but the other half was not. I listened to closing arguments and without more evidence that showed that she put that duct tape on her was going to be tough to get Murder 1. I thought that they would get her on a lesser count, but clearly.....she was smarter than any of else realized.

At this point, after spending three years in jail already........she will walk free on Thursday. Ahhhh....but where will she go? Do you think her family was really ok with being dragged through the mud during the trial? She has her freedom but at what cost? It is a bit bittersweet methinks.

Her family will never get the answer on what happened to their granddaughter. Some may think that the parents would cover for her but how could they? The crime was heinous if it was committed by her. These folks seemed like stand-up folks. I don't buy the sexual abuse claims for a minute. All lies manufactured by the "lying Queen". Casey Anthony wanted attention and she got it for three long miserable years.

And now.........she's free.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Ahhhh....the holiday weekend - July 4th

Day Two of the holiday weekend and I have already traveled 700+ miles! I took Friday off and drove over to St. Louis for the day to spend some celebratory time with one of my favorite aunts.

So here I am at home....a little tired and a bit hungry. I stopped by one of my favorite chicken places on the way home so I am waiting for a friend of mine to stop over and join me for some fried chicken and beer. Lovely way to spend a holiday weekend night.

Tomorrow....I will spend a little time in my backyard. I am thinking about putting in a fire pit a little closer to my house so it can be enjoyed by all. I have one already but it is on the corner of my lot.....down a small but steep hill. My friends wouldn't even be able to manage it more less my family. So I am planning something a little closer, more convenient. Perhaps I will have my act together enough to have it in place this weekend. Hmmm....maybe.....but not likely.

Here's hoping that you.....wherever you are......are having a lovely weekend.