Sunday, March 30, 2008

More iPhone rumors

Internet discussions are building steam concerning a June 2008 release of iPhone 3G. I have a tendency to believe that Apple can't resist tempting millions of Americans with freshly printed tax rebate checks. A release of the new model would certainly go hand-in-hand with the governments economic stimulus plan - aka Operation Spend that Money

Of course I would feel much better if we heard this information directly from CEO Steve Jobs.

Here are the latest internet clippings about the 3G phone.

Ars - Not so sure about June 08 release - June production and release

CrunchGear - Fox reports iPhone in June


CJ said...

So, are you thinking of getting one of these babies?

Rita said...

Oh yessss....I have had a Palm Treo for the last 3 years now and while I have loved this phone, I am upgrading to the latest and greatest. The new iPhone has everything that I like about my Treo with a huge helping of extra features. I just might camp out for this one........LOL