Sunday, March 09, 2008

Girls just wanna have fun

Ohhhhhh....and how much fun it will be with the True Colors Tour happening this year in a city near you. The HRC and Cyndi Lauper team up to produce this musical event to raise awareness of GLBT issues during this election year.

It seems like a very good show. Rosie will be headlining along with the likes of the B-52's, Indigo Girls, Joan Jett and countless others. I have a feeling as this show makes its way around the U.S. we will see other entertainers making surprise appearances as well.

It is a 24 city tour and the closest it gets to Cincinnati is Chicago or Atlanta. All of the major cities are well represented in this tour so there should be ample opportunity to plan ahead for a little road trip. Check it out!


CJ said...

Sounds like a great show. Thanks for the info.

Lynt said...

i wanna fun. but the link doesn't work...