Saturday, March 08, 2008

Snow related ramblings

Blizzard. This is one word that you don't hear very often in Ohio, Kentucky or Indiana but we have been hearing it for the last 15 hours on the news. To my friends in the is well on its way to your door. If they are calling it a blizzard here I can't imagine what this system will be like when it is full blown in Massachusetts and Maine.

I think I have at least 6 inches in my driveway that must be shoveled at some point. We are supposed to get another 3 or 4 inches by 4pm this afternoon. I am not so sure of this based on the current radar picture. Its really not the snow that is the big issue - its the winds. Brrrrrrrr They cut right through ya.

It ain't all bad though. I am in the process of making a big pot of chili and that will cook for few hours while I shovel and continue some "marthafication" updates around the house. Speaking of chili, I bought into a quarter of a steer with my family and now I have enough meat to make 30 pots of chili this year alone. So not having enough food through this is not an issue. Mooooooo!

At some point I will go over to Lyn's house today and shovel her drive and walk because she is holding out for the HOA to do this chore for her. "This is what I am paying them for", she says. It doesn't happen. One day I am going to end up flat on my back in her drive, unconscious and she won't realize it until the time she takes the dog out for a walk - which could be hours after I whacked my cranium against the concrete.
I had thought that this wasn't all I am thinking that there is indeed a serious health risk if I leave my house. I think I will just stay home and eat chili..........


Lynt said...

help. snowbound in kentucky.
check out the pix at

CJ said...

Sorry to hear you ladies are knee deep in snow. The storm is supposed to hit us here in Massachusetts as all rain. Enjoy the chili - sounds good!

Lynt said...

update from kentucky... dug myself out. rita's head shouldn't shatter if she does fall.

Sue said...

Luckily for us Boston folk ~ it was all rain Saturday and Sunday was delightfully sunny as is today ~ spring is in the air :)