Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What's wrong with this picture?

Nothing. It is a picture of "business as usual", a routine "changing of the guard" and "the status quo".
Bush and "Bush the Sequel" shaking hands in the Rose Garden today after Dubya endorses his Republican twin for our next president.
Nothing good can come from John McCain becoming the next President of the United States. The quick sand that we have been stranded in for the last eight years will get thicker and deeper and will consume every last drop of air left in the lungs of our American society.
Take note of this picture and remember long and hard of where we were and what we have become as a nation since Dubya took office. His endorsement of McCain means more of the same until 2012.

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CJ said...

I'm still in such disbelief that we as a nation actually elected that man to office not once, but twice. It scares me, it really does.