Saturday, April 05, 2008

Obama poll

For those of you have been visiting my site, you may have seen my poll ----------------->

on the right side of the screen. As a result of my recent postings about the possible political upheaval that could result if Obama wins the nomination I decided to just take a little random sample of my blog visitors to see if it held any merit.

Today is the last day that this particular poll will run. The results thus far have been surprising to me since it comes close to what I was expecting. If Barack Obama would win the nomination tomorrow and not include Hillary on his ticket: 42% of you said you would would vote for him, 28% of you said you would not vote for him and 28% of you said you were not sure.

I intentionally left a John McCain choice off of this poll since I wanted to gather feedback in regards to the Democratic powerhouses only. This is the last day of the poll so if you would like to add your vote to it - feel free. While the results on my poll are small, it does provide some insight to what most Americans are feeling right now.

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CJ said...

I am a little surprised at your results so far. Honestly, I'm not sure if any of the candidates can get us out of this economic mess we are in.