Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Well....tomorrow it happens. IKEA has its Grand Opening in Cincinnati. There is certainly a lot of hype surrounding these stores and I just don't know what the fascination is exactly. I have heard stories about people who have traveled across the U.S. just to shop in one. These stores are the Swedish answer to what? WalMart? KMart? Costco? I hear they sell everything from beds to Swedish meatballs........yeah....it figures right?

I am a bit bemused by it all.

On the other hand........Lyn cannot wait to enter those blue and yellow doors. She yearns to stride slowly up and down the aisles without her pesty girlfriend saying...."Can we go now?"
Ahhh yes.....I can see her now........eyes glazed over, drooling slightly and tightly clinging to her 10% off coupon. Hopefully in this condition she will not be run over by some small child whose mother decided that it was a good idea that her youngster skip school on this day.

However there is hope. Since all of the furniture must be assembled, I am hoping that her shopping will be constrained to meatballs and perhaps a decorative lamp. You simply cannot haul very much in a four door Honda coupe. But alas.....I am sure that she will take down ample product numbers so that we can both make the pilgrimage back to the store over the weekend. (sigh) There may be no winning for me with this one.

Ahhh well....it is her birthday tomorrow and because it is "her day" she is entitled to make the best of it........especially on a Wednesday. (I hate birthdays in the middle of the week)

So if you have ever shopped at an IKEA and you can fill me in on all its wonder, please do. I really am amazed at what is occurring with this store. They are currently camping out in the store parking lot and standing in line as we speak.

Who does that?


CJ said...

I have some bookcases from IKEA but I ordered them from the catalog. Lots of assembly and since I'm not very handy (does this make me a bad lesbian?) it took a while to get the suckers assembled. But they look great and everyone who sees them really likes them.

Enjoy shopping!

Hahn at Home said...

Man, I used to shop at IKEA when I lived in Europe. They opened one in Sacramento last year and it was impossible to get into it for almost a year. I then went and found it had lost its charm for me. Sigh. Jaded. Can't help you on why it's so charming.

Hope the birthday was great!