Saturday, March 15, 2008

Campaign mutterings of the week

This has been an interesting week in the Presidential campaign - for the Democrats that is. The Republicans are snoozing on the back porch while Hillary and Barack duke it out.

A couple of observations that everyone surely is seeing and hearing on the news. It appears that the vetting of Barack Obama in this campaign is starting to kick into gear. After hearing nothing but good words about him for the last year, we have begun to hear some smatterings of typical campaign jabbing that all candidates running for office are expected to endure. Geraldine Ferraro had a few things to say about the potential biases and then of course the pastor of Barack's church was outed for his controversial sermons at the pulpit.

Now what I don't like to see is the race card being played every time something is uncovered in Barack's past (or present) or when he is criticized. I think we have seen Hillary criticized as much as she can possible be criticized - and God knows there is probably more out there that someone can dredge up - but to avoid discussing or criticizing Barack's shortcomings or past political decisions just because he is an African-American is wrong. He is to be judged by all of his outstanding achievements as well as his mistakes - fair and balanced.

This is what running for office means folks. Your clean laundry and your dirty laundry are hung out for the world to see. It is showcased in the political ads and debated among every political talk show host on every political program. No one is safe when you are running for office. We have to get a grip here. If we do not know about his failures or shortcomings then we cannot make a valid decision at the polls.

Which brings me to my next topic. There is such a close race going on between Hillary and Barack why do we think that the Hillary supporters will rally behind Barack - or vice versa - when it comes to the general election? I am growing fearful that these two "history defining" candidates are SOOO big that it may just land a Republican back in office. Those conservative independents that may have voted for Hillary in the primaries may not vote for Barack in the main election.

Whomever lands the Democratic nomination is going to have a tough road against John McCain anyway. We don't need the divisiveness occurring in our party right now. Speculation abounds about who Hillary or Barack will choose for their running mate. I am not sure that Hillary can win without Barack nor could Barack win without Hillary.

Now McCain is an old man. He cannot win a foot race with Barack or Hillary. However, he has several months to prepare himself for a race against either of the Democratic candidates. He will strike hard. I am not so sure that the Democratic run for office has not gotten so out of hand that we have forgotten why we are doing all of this. I am not so sure that Barack Obama has the intestinal fortitude to win in a general election based on the last year of campaigning. The snowballs that he has been thrown are not the same balls that he will be thrown if he is the nominee.

The fact that he has had a pretty easy time of it thus far could end up hurting all of us if a Republican is elected into office again.

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