Monday, May 30, 2011

So what's next for Ohio State?

I hated to hear about Jim Tressel resigning from Ohio State this morning. With NCAA violations hanging over the team's head, he decided to vamoose before he was fired. The "crime" itself was really minor in grand scheme of things - players selling trophies & awards to raise money for tattoos, etc etc. It was the cover up on the part of Tressel (to protect his idiot players) that killed him. He knew what was going on and instead of answering truthfully to the NCAA when he was asked directly about it........he denied knowing anything of what was going on. It looks like this wasn't the first year that his players were selling stuff and the more those stories were leaked........he had no other recourse.

OSU loses a good coach and I am not so sure that someone from his coaching staff can do a better job. I'd like to see them go outside and bring in a heavier hitter. The team has a lot of talent that has yet to be exploited under Tressel's conservative game play. I hear Urban Meyer is available. I wonder what it would take to get him to Columbus?

Either way.....this team has some housecleaning to do in regards to integrity. The star players were selling off sacred trophies just to gain a few bucks for whatever. Oh yeah.....some claimed early they were trying to help their families but that was squashed after we heard about the tattoo purchases. I have no respect for those players and I am glad that some of them are in their last year of play.

I will continue to support the Bucks and look forward to the beginning of football season however bittersweet that will be. The whole mess smells bad and the foul odor will unfortunately cover this team for the first five games of the season. I hope it is something that the Bucks put behind them so they can salvage a half way decent season.


CJ said...

I'm not a huge follower of any particular college football team, but it seems so crazy to me to sell a trophy to get money for a tattoo. What were these guys thinking?

Rita said...

They have no sense of tradition and pride about what they are doing apparently. Some of the items that they won were associated to the Ohio State vs. Michigan games (which is one of the biggest long-standing rivalries in the U.S.) and to any Buckeyes fan is a slap to everything sacred at Ohio State. I just don't get it and the players don't seem to really care about it.

Pregnancy Pointers said...

Tressel lied to the NCAA about not knowing about it and not reporting it. He signed a written NCAA form that he was unaware of the infractions. That's why he was forced to resign.

Rita said...

Couldn't agree more. He brought it upon himself. He's a smart guy who knows the rules. Unfortunately....the rest of the team who are playing by the rules have to feel the fallout of all this stuff.