Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just another rainy Sunday

It has been quite the week. I am busy with a big project at work, still running the c25k and now I am sitting in my garage with my ailing dog. He came down with a serious case of the "pukes" this morning so until his stomach seems to be better. He is not going back into the house. Ya gotta do whatcha gotta do. Right? I must say that blogging in the garage is a unique experience.

So what can I say about the Couch to 5K program?! I am into week five. I have had to repeat Week 1 twice and I am repeating Week 2 three times just to get myself acclimated to this whole program. While I am running, my body is still fighting the whole idea. It is telling my brain to not come up with any more bright ideas! On the upside though....I have lost 14 pounds in four weeks! Isn't that crazy? So all of the aches and pains of running are really paying off huge in inches and pounds. I am actually looking forward to doing the program on Sun/Tues/Thur. It is crazy but I will keep it up because I am seeing fantastic results! 

This is my last week at Week 2 (five min warm up followed by 6 reps of 90 secs jogging and two mins walking ending with a five minute cool down). I have to push myself into Week 3 which will really stress and test my abilities and my body. It's something ungodly like two reps each of 90 secs jogging/90 secs walking and 3 mins jogging and 3 mins walking. Yeah. Jog for three minutes? So soon? Eeeeeek!

Anyway.....I will look and feel good for my vacation in June. Lyn and I are heading to Boston Pride weekend to catch the parade and then its off to the Cape for some seafood and R&R.

Sooooo looking forward to June!

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