Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Children on bicycles

Dangerous and unsteady. That's all I can say.

When I was a child, my mom and dad were pretty close by on my first few trips around the neighborhood on my bike. I guess it was more out of my own welfare than anyone elses. Too bad that parents don't watch their kids as closely these days.

I was in the middle of my W3D2 of c25k yesterday afternoon when I was "taken out" by an eight year old boy on his bike. Seriously. I was hit from behind without any warning that the little devil was creeping up behind me! I went down pretty hard but did the kid on his bike. Hmmpf. At least he was wearing a helmet. I received a beautiful ostrich egg size lump on my upper thigh. No skinned or scraped up skin....just a painful lump that will likely turn into the ugliest bruise known to man.

The child's father.....yes...he was jogging some ways behind his son and witnessed the whole sorry scene.....was apologetic and asked if I was ok. Of course I said yes and I told the boy to yell loudly when he intends to pass me the next time. I continued my run despite the fact that I was a bit shaken up. They both steered clear of me on the walking path for the rest of my 30 minute run. pain no gain? This experience gives that new meaning. Beware of children on bikes my friends. They are quiet, stealth-like and deadly!


CJ said...

Ouch! That must of nearly knocked you out of your sneakers. I'm glad the Dad was nearby to witness this. Hopefully the little darling has learned to pay better attention while riding. Hope your leg is doing ok there.

Rita said...

I have a bruise on my upper leg about 6 inches wide and the bump is going down slowly. I have to run again tonight so I hope the "little darling" stays home because it is too hot. :)

CJ said...

You better put a rear view mirror on your hat just in case :)