Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Happy Mother's Day to any mothers who may read my humble little blog. I have found readership to be down since I stopped blogging last year. Ahhh is what it is.

It is a blah day here in the Cincinnati area. After a fairly nice day on Friday.....the clouds crept back in yesterday and have hunkered down this morning. Luckily, there are no plans for grilling out dinner for Mom. We are heading out to the restaurant of her choice. We are keeping it fairly simple and avoiding the showers.

I ran the c25k program again this morning. I am still jogging slow but steady. I am into my fourth week of this interval jog/walk program and I must say I look forward to it on Sun/Tue & Thurs. I had to repeat the second week of the program - as I did with the first week - but I think once I lose more weight I will find that I am repeating less. In the last three weeks I have lost eight pounds so something is working.

I am going to have a complete physical this coming Wednesday to ensure I am on track with my new healthy living. I've been having some interesting pains starting in my upper chest and I want to have that checked out as well. They are not sharp.....dull and only last about 10 seconds. The best part is that it doesn't occur during my exercise routines and I don't have one family member who has ever fallen over with a heart attack! It's a "come and go" type of thing. I just want to eliminate it as a serious issue so I can pick up my jogging routine. Got to keep my eyes on the target dammit!  Life is good.

Make it a great day with your Moms, Mother-in-Laws, etc!

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