Friday, May 06, 2011


Ok.....I have tried to not complain about all of this rain that we have gotten so far this Spring because I knew that it would stop eventually. Now I am not so sure.

In April....we had about five sunny days free of rain and clouds. The other days......cloudy and lots of rain. I now can rest easy knowing that I do indeed have a dry basement. With this much rain.....if it was coming in it would have by now.

Has anyone else experienced it by the buckets this year? I have heard the East Coast has had a nice Spring. I am hoping that it continues to be nice up there when I head to Boston next month. It will be nice to spend some days with the sun shining on my face instead of all of this rain!

Ahhh it was partly sunny and tomorrow we are back to showers. That's ok......tomorrow I am treating myself to Fried Chicken at the Old Brick. It can rain all it likes tomorrow afternoon.....I will be happy.

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