Sunday, May 22, 2011

Get along little doggy

This seems to be a theme for the last two weekends for me and my dog. Kip has had an on and off week with some digestive issues and I have been moving forward with c25k. For both of us it has been a slow week. Kip took in some rice this morning at 7am.....and at 8:45 has managed to keep it down and in without an issue. I started my W3D1 in the c25k program. I didn't think I would be able to run 3 minutes straight but I did.....not once but twice. Yay!

So it is measured success at this point but we are still moving forward. Hopefully, Kip will continue to progress during the day so he can get a bit more of a meal this afternoon. Kip likes to eat things outside so at some point he got a hold of something that has his digestive tract doing flip flops. Some days I think I own a goat instead of a dog.

I have managed to turn few more folks on to the benefits of the Couch to 5k program. I am down 27 pounds so far. Not all of that is due to c25k but I can attribute 16 pounds to it. My goal is to lose an additional 13 pounds by August 6th. It is much needed weight that needs to go away. I think that I am losing more inches than pounds at this point. It is obvious in my clothes. Unfortunately, I work at a company that still clings to the "business professional" attire (my company is more concerned about "presentation" while the rest of the world is more concerned about how well you provide your services and how much your services cost) so shopping for new work clothes could be expensive if I buy every time the waist in my pants loosens. In the end, this is all about me and my clothes will catch up once I get close to a good maintenance weight.

As for today.....time for me and Kip to move forward and continue our progress. Tomorrow is another day.


CJ said...

I hope Kip is doing ok. I had a dog with digestive issues and it was pretty difficult to see her not feeling well enough to eat. He's not dropping a lot of weight is he? I'm asking because what I thought was a case of IBD turned out to be something much more serious in my Yorkie.

Rita said...

Presumably Kip must have eaten something outside. We've had a ton of rain in our area in the last two months and the vet said that sometimes all that rain can bring toxins in the soil to the surface so when my "billy goat" was outside....he could have ingested something. After a antibiotic shot and 10 days of flaggel....he seems to be having a rapid recovery!

CJ said...
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CJ said...

oops - that should be "dogs find tasty" !

CJ said...

ok, so I deleted the first comment for a typo but it appeared to still be there. so i added the second comment which now makes no sense. so one more time - It is amazing the things dogs find tasty!