Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Casey Anthony Trial

Has anybody else been following this circus over the last three years? I gotta say that I have been watching this drama since day one and I have never doubted that Casey Anthony is guilty of the death of her two year old daughter. This is some crazy stuff!

Let's start with the first revelation - she doesn't tell anyone that her child is missing for 31 days. I mean....who does that?? And then.....her parents have to hunt her down to find out where their granddaughter is just to find out that her mother has no clue where she is! Oh wait.....Zanny the Nanny took her. That's right. This was revelation #2. The nanny had her last and she ran off with her. Uhh yeah.....that turned out to be a lie. She then took the police on a wild goose chase all over town with her lies - all of which were found out by the police. Then came the party photos, the boyfriends, etc etc. Her home computer had been used to search for recipes for chlorophyll. I do not have children but I have to ask those who have children.........would you sedate your child to that extreme if you thought you could get away with a few hours of peace?  I mean.....I can understand pressures of raising a child but what type of person goes to that extreme?

I've been watching Nancy Grace every evening to catch up on the testimonies during the trial. I have to say I have been pretty irritated with the grandparents as they stood by Casey Anthony all of this time. Today.....my heart breaks for them because they are really really suffering. Clearly, the jury has to see that something doesn't make sense here. As the trial goes on, Casey Anthony sits there watching it like an obstinate, spoiled little child. Oh yeah.....she's crying....but I think her tears are just an overflow of the frustration of all of the lies she has perpetrated. She is in so deep she can't dig herself out now.

I hope that the jury can see the honest raw emotions coming from the grandparents and send this girl away for a good long time. Does anyone else have any thoughts about this trial?

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Angie said...

I think Casey's tears are for herself. When I first saw her cry with her brother's fiance on the stand, I thought she was feeling what the fiance was feeling. Now I think she cries for herself and the life she has lost.