Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bengals defeat!

Yes yes.......in case you missed it........the Bengals went down mightily to the Patsies this past Sunday. I admit.....I didn't see that coming because we were favored to win. End result - Patsies 38 - Bengals 13.

To my friends in New England, I will happily keep up my side of the bet. I will even send you the brands that you requested - that's just the type of gal I am.

Onward and upward.............the Bengals begin their two week bye. Hopefully with a little rest and a little extra coaching with Marvin, we will be back on the road to recovery. We currently sit in 2nd place of the AFC East at 3-1 behind the extremely hot Baltimore Ravens. They sit alone at the top of the AFC kingdom with the Colts as both teams are still undefeated.

After the bye, our next opponent is Tampa Bay. TB is currently winless this season but it is the winless teams that can cause the most damage with a surprise win here and there.

Rest up Bengals..........the road to the Super Bowl is not lost with your first loss.......but hopefully you learned some bitter lessons and can overcome them.

Ta Ta!

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