Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Independence Day draws near

This is the time. I've been chattin it up off and on throughout the last year and we are finally here. It is election time and it is time for you to go and vote.

I don't need to talk about the issues. We have heard them played and replayed over television broadcasts, news reports, TV and radio talk shows for the last six years.

It is time for a change. A vote for a Republican is a vote for George Bush.....again. The Republicans are trying to separate themselves from him but they cannot. We all know that if we have a Republican led House and Senate we are giving Bush two more years of spending cash to buy whatever he likes.

It is time for the madness to stop. The carousel ride must come to a screeching halt. Do your duty and go to the polls on November 7th. There has never been a more important time to exercise your right to vote.

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