Saturday, September 30, 2006

South Beach - progressing!

I am almost 3/12 weeks into the South Beach diet program. I must say I have been pleasantly surprised of the results. The first two weeks I lost 10.5 pounds and I have had lots of energy. Of course, my eating habits have changed and my vegtable intake has tripled. All in all, the diet really doesn't stray too far from the recommended daily allowances of vegtables, protein, fats and grains. It just makes you more conscious of your food choices.

I have decided to weigh in every two weeks so I don't get too wrapped up in the actual numbers but just enough to give me the psychological edge. Losing weight is about what is going on in your head as well as your body changes. The psychological boost of seeing the the number go lower and lower is very helpful.

I have noticed slight changes in my clothes. Nothing major since my problem area (hips and upper butt) is always the last thing to go. Pant sizes do not drop easily for me because of it. Of course friends and coworkers can see the weight loss in my face. My grandmother use to always tell me that I lose my weight there first. Great..........I've lost 10.5 pounds and it came from my face!

Seriously though, this has been a very good experience so far. Have I been exercising? I would say low to moderate exercise is what I have been doing week to week. I certainly have not gone out of my way to start jogging or riding my bike daily. Later on down the road though.........I will have to begin a nice regimented exercise routine. Perhaps when the fitness room is finally open in my community.

Ahhhhh well.......progress all around. I shall weigh in again on Wednesday to see how much more I have lost in the last two weeks.

For those who are interested in jumping on the South Beach diet, there are a lot of websites out there dedicated to it. Just Google! Meanwhile, here is one site I have found to be extremely helpful.

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