Saturday, October 14, 2006

Lesbian generation gap questions

So my question is you think there is a generation gap between lesbians or is it simply a question of maturity? Do women who are 40+ act any differently than women who are 25? Do we all make the same mistakes or bad choices despite the age difference?

Does one's age signify levelheadedness and maturity?

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TC with bling said...

First off...I know MULTIPLE age 40+ women who occasionally, if not often, exhibit the maturity level of my favorite four-year-old. Don't get me wrong; there is nothing wrong with letting our inner child out occasionally. It's when 40 year-olds approach life as a continuum of such fun and freedom such as they embraced as 22-year olds that it gets a bit tiresome. Or maybe that's the control freak 'i-must-fix-them' in me coming out.

That said, I would say we definitely all have the abiltiy to make the mistakes, the bad choices (I myself have returned more than one pair of shoes; though I don't have anywhere near as many shoes of the metaphoric (is that a word???) kind.

So no, age does not = maturity. Experience matters, however. (And if you are a Cincinnatian reading this, I did not steal that line from the hospital billboard along the highways.)And if our lives, lesbian or not, are looked at as a journey, one would expect we'd learn from our travels. Otherwise, what's the point?