Monday, October 09, 2006

To cut or not to cut?

I am a little past due for my eight week hair appointment. I had it on my schedule today as a matter of fact and I pushed it off to the end of the week so I could re-evaluate my normal hair cutting routine.

Since I have yet to post a picture on my blog I should tell you that I am a redhead with no signs of gray. Ok......maybe one or two hiding in there but that is it. A couple of months ago I saw on the Today Show (pre-Meredith) about a charity that donates hair to children who are recovering from cancer. The charity is called Locks of Love. All you have to do is let your hair grow, cut it off and send it off. The charity then has the hair created into wigs for children. It is a real self-esteem boost for a child who dreads looking into a mirror after months of chemo and radiation.

I checked the website myself this evening and I think I meet the basic criteria. I don't color my hair and I am not graying. All I would have to do is let it grow at least 10 inches. Yeah I know what you must be thinking. Ten inches! Good could be retired by then! Funny thought I know, but it isn't likely that it would take me that long! My hair grows fairly quickly and once it grows to a decent length I could actually have it permed so it looks managable and well kept. Ball caps would be a great cover on those days when I don't want to do anything with it.

Although I have had short hair for some time now.......long hair is not a strange concept to me. Been there done that! I just dread the "ugly period" as it grows. The ugly period is the phase where it isn't long enough to put up and it isn't short enough to where down without it flipping all over the place in kooky waves.

So.....I am seriously giving it consideration. I haven't told TC yet, but I would expect that she would be supportive of my decision to go "glamourama" for awhile. It is for a good cause and the thought of some child getting a little bit of a lift during a painful period in their life just makes me feel good.


TC said...

So much for supportive... while I think Locks of Love is a terrific effort, I'd rather write them a check (or pay someone else to grow their hair in your stead.) Shorter hair suits your face/frame... one of us with bad/ugly phase hair is more than enough!
Sorry that's harsh... but I am, as we know, very opinionated. That's supposed to be one of the things you value in our relationship, right?

Rita said...

Absolutely! (reaching for TC's checkbook)