Monday, October 30, 2006


So do you ghosts? Or are you a skeptic when it comes to all things metaphysical and ghoulish?

I must say I do believe in ghosts. Have I ever seen one? Nope. Do I want to have a ghostly experience? You bet!

Much to the chagrin of "TC" I watch most of the ghost shows on cable. "Most Haunted" is one of my favorites. I am not talking about the movie of the week here. I like the true life stories of haunted houses and ghostly apparitions. TC won't have any of it. The thought of watching Ghost Whisperer sends her into momentary panic. She scares a bit easily so she can only handle it in small doses. Needlesstosay, we won't be watching The Exorcist tomorrow evening.

Did you know that you can "catch" ghostly voices on digital recording devices? Yep. If you are in a house which has a ghost, you can turn the recorder on and actually try to have a conversation with the ghost. When you playback the digital recording, you may pick up something you didn't hear when you thought you were talking to yourself. Yeah ok..........I may have sounded a bit techno-geekish there for a minute but I am determined to try that out myself one day. All the ghost hunters use them.

Perhaps I will have an encounter one day with a ghost. I am hoping that it is a friendly one and not one that means to wreak complete havoc with my life. Until then, I will continue to watch my television shows and live vicariously through the real life ghost hunters.

On a lighter note.........before I end my post this evening..........I have finally reached my 101st Blog entry. The magical 100 has been broken without any pomp and circumstance. What fun this has been for the last 14 months!

Happy Halloween!!


nky numbers chick said...

Watch the Sci-Fi channel on Tuesday night. The show "Ghost Hunters" is about 2 Roto Rooter plumbers out to debunk Hauntings (or trying to confirm their first one with hard evidence). The 9 O'clock show will visit the Hotel that is the basis of the movie "The Shining." They use the technique you are talking about plus neat "stuff" like thermal imaging and so on.
Maybe you will be lucky and someone or something will come haunting you on Halloween!

nky # chick said...

PS they are running a some kind of contest that, if you win, you get to join them on one of their debunking adventures!!

Rita said...

Ooooooh.....great TV tip off for this evening!