Wednesday, October 04, 2006

South Beach update after two more weeks......I have lost another 5 1/2 pounds. Not bad. I can handle 3 pounds a week. No sweat. I even had multiple bowls of my homemade chili during this timeframe! Yeah......can't live without my chili. :)

I have introduced more carbs in my diet but I am more conscious than ever about the carb/fat/sugar ratios that I am ingesting. This can be expected. When I finally make up my mind to lose weight, I don't go about it half-way. I go all out to ensure that I am eating the most healthy items possible.

"TC" asked me today how I thought this compared to Weight Watchers. As some of you may know, I had huge success on WW. I think its a great plan. The problem is.......real life is not about counting points. While you are living in the WW world you are tracking numbers..... you are still eating very healthy but everything you push into your mouth has a point attached to it. Once you have reached your have to continue to rely on attending WW meetings and staying with the program. ( A program which has changed several times since it was originally founded)

I think SB allows you to make normal healthy food choices......same as WW........but without sacrificing. It is direct in telling don't need dessert. WW says......go ahead and have it when you want it.......but oh by the way that scoop of ice cream means you only have 10 points out of 25 for the rest of the day. Eeeek! I would gladly sacrifice ice cream for a full meal.......anyday.

So anyway.......progress is being made. I think TC and I are doing a fabulous job at this point and by Christmas should be looking and feeling fabulous!

Ho Ho Ho!

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