Monday, October 23, 2006

Musical interlude

I cannot remember if I have posted about this or any case.....the new Pink CD is divine. Yes I am 40 and I listen to Pink. Honestly.....I have been a fan since her very first CD. This one however, this one is really solid. Pink has really matured with her latest release and it is worth a listen.

I am enclosing a couple of her videos from her latest CD. Unfortunately, she has not released a video of "Dear Mr. President" but I am hopeful she will throw something out there for that fabulous song! There are quite a few folks who have made their own video montage to the song so maybe she will just let it ride that way.

Anyway.......view away and if you get a chance........listen to the whole CD once to give me your honest opinion.

Nobody Knows

Who Knew

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