Thursday, January 24, 2013


Yesterday, I turned forty seven years old. I took the day off from work to take care of me. I had a couple doctors appointments to ensure I am healthy enough to see many many more birthdays.

Recently I have grown more aware of the importance of living the fullest life possible. Mainly it is because I am dealing with an aging parent who is growing weaker and will be ready for full time care in the next year or two. Death is inevitable for those who age and I wonder if it is easier to accept death at 80 than it is now?

The thought of dying and losing the life I have now is a sad one. I have seen friends face and fight cancer - fighting for the right to continue to live a life they do not want to lose. It may be a thought we all have at some point I guess.

So is it just a wearing down of the bodies and faculties that cause seniors to have an inner peace and surrender to death? Or is it simply a willingness to accept that their life has run its fullest course?

So I counteract all of these thoughts with regular check ups to make sure everything is running like clock work and according to my doctors everything looks good! Ok....well....I did get some grief about my weight. It is my only health flaw and struggle at the moment so I promised to do better! I isn't always easy but we have to do what we must to keep muddling through despite it all.

Today.....I will revisit WW and see if I can drop as much weight as Jennifer Hudson. I mean.....she makes it look easy so it will be easy.....right? Stay tuned........

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