Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Didn't Do It

It wasn't me.
I would never do that in a million years.

Or so Lance Armstrong has tried to convince us or himself over the last decade. Kinda reminds me of Hamlet - Act III - "The lady doth protest too much, methinks".

As his world started to crumble around him several years ago, he kept protesting. He was defiant. He even sued people who attempted to blow his secret out of the water. Many other cyclists took the fall in outing themselves in regards to this doping scandal. Everyone else doped, but not Lance. Got it.

Some say this was much bigger than Lance Armstrong. Some say in his admission of guilt he should call out those above him who also knew of the regular doping cycles. Some say that this could also indite the International Cycling Union (UCI) because something this BIG - an American winning seven titles......worldwide publicity and huge corporate sponsors for the events.....brought a lot of new money to the sport than they ever dreamed possible.

What is really a shame is that in his greed for success he brought along a charity with him. A charity that has done marvelous things for a lot of children and adults who suffer from cancer. His good fortune in the sport of cycling drew people to him. People donated freely -believing in him - "the miracle on wheels". The guy who fought cancer and then went on to win another Tour De France title. The charity did wonderful things for so many and hopefully will continue on after a little house cleaning.

So now Oprah gets her hands on him. In an interview today, she said she is satisfied with the answers to her questions during the interview. I hope we will get a chance to see the "insistent and persistent" Oprah. I don't think anyone expects to see a "snowball" interview. I believe she will ask the questions that if given the chance....we would all ask.

A cheater never wins. Haven't any of the sports figures learned that by now?

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