Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Forward Progress

This is my theme of the week.

Tomorrow, my father has a much needed Prostate surgery and I have my first weigh-in after starting the Hudson & Simpson (WW) diet. I am more positive about my activity tomorrow than my father. He is having a bit of confusion today and thinks that tomorrow will not be a "real" surgery. We had a brief argument over the definition of the term "surgery" and then I just gave up because it wasn't worth the energy. I wish I would take that approach most of the time. Some things aren't worth arguing about when you know you are right.

I continue to focus forward and keep walking. I have decided that things with my Dad will turn out the way the cosmic forces want them to turn out. Sometimes you just have to let go and let someone else take the wheel. It relieves some of the stress.

The big thing for that I am on that I don't let the stress break my progress with the diet. I can't give in and have a half of pizza or a platter of nachos. I keep thinking about my goal for a slimmer summer and that seems to help keep me focused.

I have concluded that my Dad will be staying at my house over the weekend to recuperate. This isn't an easy sleepover either. My Dad complains that there isn't anything on TV if he can't find a western or a military movie with John Wayne. Ugh. He stayed with me for a week in December and I have to say I have seen enough Bonanza, Big Valley and High Chaparral episodes to last two lifetimes. My hope is that the cosmic forces see fit to throw a John Wayne Movie Marathon in this weekend. I will be able to get a lot done around the house and he will be as happy as a clam. I will be happy to watch the Super Bowl.

Focus Focus Focus!

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