Monday, January 28, 2013

Ahhh Yes......A Diet

So remember my last post? I went on and on about living life and being as healthy as you can be? (Sigh)

After my routine physical, I am now joining forces with Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Simpson. Well, not really, but kinda. I have started Weight Watchers. Again. I say "again" because about 12 years ago it was incredibly successful for me. Back then, they didn't give you extra points for exercise or all the fruits/veggies you could eat. Everything had a point value and when you were were out. No extra somethin-somethins. You made due until you woke up the next day. It was tough, but it worked. I exercised every day except Friday and in 6.5 months I lost 60 pounds. Seriously!

My doctor advised me that my cholesterol was a little high (226 - but my HDLs were fabulous!) and further advised that a low fat diet was in order. This is where Hudson & Simpson (WW) enter the picture. I am back at it with the support of my loved ones and friends.

I have to wonder, however, if my higher cholesterol numbers could be the result of the very small....ok....heaping tablespoon size.....piece of birthday cake I had four hours before the blood work. I know I know! I knew it was important to fast, but without testing it....."who really knows?", I thought. Kinda like using your cell phone on an airplane. We could have been using them for years because it wasn't going to bring a plane down. So this was my train of thought at the time. My cholesterol wasn't high in Spring 2011 when I had my last check up. Hmmmmm....

All of that aside....I have decided to take it at face value and not ignore the test results because of my birthday "indiscretion". It will be good for me afterall.

Since I found out about the test results late Thursday afternoon, I had time to polish off the extra cake in one last glorifying binge. I have been a good little WW soldier since and doing my thing. I forgot how easy the WW diet can be once you start. It really does work and it isn't just marketing hype that Hudson & Simpson are spewing.

Now, will I look like either one of them after six months? Not hardly.....but I will feel better and turn some heads for just being me.

Ta Ta!

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