Tuesday, January 29, 2008


A very quick post just to prove I can top Rita's review and excitement over the pending release of the next generation I phone thingy. Yes. I said thingy. That's about how excited I get about all things techie. But, it should be noted, I successfully docked my I-pod this morning in the hotel room clock/music thingy.

At any rate, I'm in lovely Jacksonville Fl for a conference -- no, not the primary. Not a sign of Mitt or Huckleberry.

But the big conference in town (I'm attending the one no one can find the registration table for) is some Southeastern Weed Science Institute.

I kid you not. They are everywhere. Kind of like... weeds.

So of course I googled weed science. Who knew? I mean, I went for a minute to a large state university (UK), and actually majored in animal science for about a week. So I knew people get degrees in agronomy and the like, but didn't have a clue you could specialize in weeds... I may have to sneak into one of their sessions just to see what it's all about.


Rita said...

I wonder how they feel about RoundUp? Just the thought probably gives them the shakes.....

Drowning Pisces said...

Hey Girl.. whatchya doin in FL?