Sunday, January 20, 2008

More political stuff - as I see it

As the primaries and caucuses speed past us, it is important for all of us to watch, listen and learn. It has to be a point of discussion. The one thing that never fails to amaze me are the folks who say...."Oh...I am sick of hearing about the campaigns so I change the channel" or "I haven't really been following it". There is so much talk about the black and Hispanic vote that they are forgetting about the gay and lesbian vote. It DOES count and it can speak in volumes for the best candidate.

Here is how I see some of the top performers thus far in both parties.

  • Following the Conservative party line - no tax breaks and no troop withdrawals
  • Huge Evangelical following
  • Comprehensive Planner
  • He will do well in Florida.
  • Dubya Part Deux


  • Will use his CEO experience to run this country - great.... more profits for big business and more money for the elite while the grunt workers get nothing.
  • Evangelical Christians are afraid of him
  • I predict a Bronze medal for him in Florida


  • Mayor 911 is concentrating on Florida and has basically forgot about the other states in the nation.
  • Jumping from Mayor to President without the necessary experience is a long shot
  • I predict he will come in 2nd to McCain in Florida. Without an overall win, I think we will see him withdrawal shortly after.


  • Fading fast. Losses in New Hampshire and South Carolina did not help his cause.
  • His Baptist minister viewpoints were on display this past week in SC and they were frightening.
  • Short on funds. I expect him to withdrawal after Florida.


  • Experience is not an issue here - personality is.
  • Comprehensive Planner - she has a clue.
  • A win in South Carolina will be huge and telling.
  • She is in it for the long haul. I expect her to do well on Super Tuesday.
  • She won't accept anything but the Presidential role.


  • Likeable and is speaking the language of "change" in his stump speeches
  • Language of change is not equating to any comprehensive plans. We hear what he is wants to do not how he plans to do it.
  • He is projected to win in South Carolina but then he was predicted to win in NH. It will be a close race with Hillary but I think he will pull it out by at least 7 percentage points.
  • He is also "in it to win it" but if he fails to take Florida he will struggle with the other states.


  • Failing to meet Obama and Clinton head on in any of the primaries. This is really a two-person race now.
  • Best relates to American's struggles and displays the most compassion about helping the downtrodden.
  • Good ideas and comprehensive plans.
  • He needs the overall win in South Carolina to survive.
  • I don't see him accepting a VP position with Barack or Hillary. I think this will be his last stand.


Dr. T said...

None of them are friends of gay rights. In a way, the Dems are worse, because they will tell you to your face that they are for you, and then vote against everything you are in favor of or want.

Rita said...

How true you are! There is nothing worse than a politician's hypcritical, empathic stump speech.

So if they are all hypocrits the only choice I have is to try and find the one that is not so hypocritical. I really don't want to sit idly by and watch others vote in the next arrogant, lame brain. Eight years of Dubya has sent us back to the stone ages.

Heather A Posey said...

Awsome summary.