Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Random Wednesday Ramble

Things leading to an attempted raised eyebrow* midway through a wicked, wineless, work week.
  • Photos of Paris Hilton at the L-Word premiere party. Check them out at Dorothy Surrenders. Troubling. Isn't it?
  • News that two of my ghost chasing friends are stepping off in a new direction... storm chasing. And have been in personal contact with WE's Twister Sisters. (Why don't I do thinks like that? I wouldn't be writing lame blog posts if I had a more 'active' hobby. Or would I? Maybe I'd just have something more interesting to write about?)
  • Polling. At least among New Hampshire voters.

* I've been trying to effect that raised eyebrow, quizzical look since 1981 -- October, 1981 to be exact. My face doesn't move that way, even without botox.

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