Thursday, January 03, 2008

Iowa? Caucus? Has it always been...

... such a live coverage event? There are five, count 'em, five political analyst lined up on CNN as I blog at 8:33 Eastern time.

Lap tops open in front of them, they're giving Anderson Cooper analysis of everything from the turnout of blue-haired ladies for Hillary to what effect the Bhutto assassination and the 'Pakistan' situation might have. Did I miss this type of coverage the last three or four elections?

Jack Cafferty just suggested we let the people of Iowa decide it all -- forget the rest of the primary season.

What would I do until November!!??? I've been listening to or watching CNN for the last three hours.

Now I have to keep watching and waiting for someone to give us the official entrance polling thoughts from gay and lesbian caucus goers (caucus voters? caucusers? whatever?). I'm taking bets on whether we'll hear results from that demographic as often as I've heard the word evangelical in the last few hours.

Gotta go, results from the democratic caucus in Persia, Iowa are coming up!


Rita said...

Lyn is feverishly manning her laptop and the television at the same time!

Hahn at Home said...

As an Iowan, not born, but bred, I look with pride upon that process. It's the only real chance those folks have to lay it all out there before the machine takes over. No amount of money behind the candidate is going to make a difference...they no BS when they see it.

The state is one of the only ones that is completely split 50/50 historically. Farmers, factory workers, factory owners, university's the perfect place for this last bastion of old time politics to play itself out.

Except those damned Republicans..what the hell is up with Huckabee?

I've found my candidate. I just finished his latest book.

Hahn at Home said...

Or know BS...yikes...too much vacation.

Lynt said...

i made it through the coverage. i'm still... undecided, but leaning. agree, wtf is up w/huckabee??? that scares the hell out of me for many reasons. but i do give the good people of iowa A LOT of credit for exactly the reasons lori lays out.

on to new hampshire.

p.s. -- i never did hear the words gay or lesbian...

Hahn at Home said...

Check out - he's a childhood friend of mine and was intimately involved with the caucus process - a lot of the comments are from fellow Iowans who provided their perspectives on the process.